Last Chance U

  • Calificación 8.7
  • Estrenada: Jul 2016
  • Episodios: 32
  • Seguidores: 105
  • Ranking #2362
  • En emisión
  • Netflix
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Temporada 4 Discuss
Dream U
Fecha de emisión
Jul 19, 2019
Jason Brown copes with his celebrity status. Bobby Bruce tries to rebound from bad decisions. Brown considers bringing back a polarizing player.
The Eye in the Skye
Fecha de emisión
Jul 19, 2019
Bobby gets close with Kailon, who tries to keep Bobby on the right path. Assistant coach Jason Martin talks about moving his family into a dorm room.
Home on the Range
Fecha de emisión
Jul 19, 2019
The town of Independence gets ready for the highly anticipated home opener. Visits with Chance’s and Kailon’s families shed light on their upbringings.
Garden City
Fecha de emisión
Jul 19, 2019
Hard feelings from last year rise to the surface in a rematch between ICC and Garden City, as coaches Jason Brown and Jeff Sims butt heads yet again.
The Hangover
Fecha de emisión
Jul 19, 2019
Jay’s injuries cause him frustration. Malik tries to make the most of his opportunities. Tensions run high after a game against Fort Scott.
S Show
Fecha de emisión
Jul 19, 2019
As players and coaches start to prioritize themselves over the team, Brown tries to regain control -- but a sideline outburst proves costly.
Famous Forever
Fecha de emisión
Jul 19, 2019
Locals grow restless over the team's performance amid budget cuts at ICC. A home game during the "Neewollah" festival could help unite the town.
Hustlers Survive
Fecha de emisión
Jul 19, 2019
The season finale presents a chance to end the season on a positive note. Markiese makes a big mistake, and Brown faces criticism over a text message.

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