High School of the Dead

  • Calificación 7.6
  • Estrenada: Jul 2010
  • Episodios: 12
  • Seguidores: 509
  • Ranking #940
  • Finalizado
  • TV Tokyo
  • Lunes


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Temporada 1 Discuss
Spring of the DEAD
Fecha de emisión
Jul 05, 2010
After witnessing a brutal attack on some teachers at the front gate, Takashi Komuro rushes to warn his friends and escape to the rooftop.
Escape from the DEAD
Fecha de emisión
Jul 12, 2010
As the other survivors fight and hide from zombies, Rei continues trying to contact her father.
Democracy Under the DEAD
Fecha de emisión
Jul 19, 2010
News reports reveal that the infection has become a pandemic and entire nations are in chaos. The decision is made to group up, search for others, and escape the school grounds.
Running in the DEAD
Fecha de emisión
Jul 26, 2010
After being separated from the group Takashi and Rei discover that the living dead aren't the only threat to their continued survival.
Streets of the DEAD
Fecha de emisión
Ago 02, 2010
Traffic out of the city comes to a complete stop and tension on the bus continues to rise. Elsewhere Takashi struggles to find a path across the river.
In the DEAD of the Night
Fecha de emisión
Ago 09, 2010
After taking refuge in an apartment, the group gets themselves cleaned up and take a much needed break from running.
DEAD Night and the DEAD Ruck
Fecha de emisión
Ago 16, 2010
Takashi sets out to rescue a little girl but is quickly surrounded by the living dead.
The DEAD Way Home
Fecha de emisión
Ago 23, 2010
After crossing the river, the group attempts to find their families.
The Sword and DEAD
Fecha de emisión
Ago 30, 2010
Saeko and Takashi find a new vehicle to evade the horde of undead in between them and Saya's home.
The DEAD's House Rules
Fecha de emisión
Sept 06, 2010
Tension rises at Saya's house and the group contemplates their future.
DEAD Storm Rising
Fecha de emisión
Sept 13, 2010
Takashi makes a decision and an old enemy appears at the gates.
1x12 Final de Programa de TV
All DEAD'S Attack
Fecha de emisión
Sept 20, 2010
An EMP blast makes an already harsh situation worse as the compound comes under zombie attack.

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