Haunted (2018)

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  • Estrenada: Oct 2018
  • Episodios: 12
  • Seguidores: 23
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Temporada 2 Discuss
The Mimic
Fecha de emisión
Oct 11, 2019
In an old house with a horrible history, a young woman starts hearing her roommates' voices ... even when they're not really there.
Ward of Evil
Fecha de emisión
Oct 11, 2019
A nurse working with dementia patients at an assisted living facility comes face-to-face with a resident who emits a disturbing energy.
Cult of Torture
Fecha de emisión
Oct 11, 2019
A scarred man shares details of the hellish abuse he endured in a brutal gay conversion program at the New Bethany Home for Boys.
Spirits from Below
Fecha de emisión
Oct 11, 2019
Years after leaving their family home, traumatized siblings and their loved ones recall the terrible things that happened while they lived there.
Demon of War
Fecha de emisión
Oct 11, 2019
A U.S. Marine who doesn't scare easily is shaken to the core when he's confronted by a demon with glowing eyes while serving in Afghanistan.
Born Cursed
Fecha de emisión
Oct 11, 2019
A boy who enters the world under special circumstances grows up convinced that an evil figure he calls "The Hangman" is following him and his family.

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