Berserk (2016)

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  • Estrenada: Feb 2012
  • Episodios: 25
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Temporada 2 Discuss
The Rent World
Fecha de emisión
Abr 07, 2017
Guts manages to get Casca back at Albion and returns to Godo’s shack. There, he sees Rickert talking to Griffith, who had just regained physical form in Albion. Guts is unable to hold .. show full overview
Winter's Journey
Fecha de emisión
Abr 07, 2017
In order to get away from the disasters that the brand brings to them, Guts decides to head toward Puck’s homeland. However, traveling with Casca was proving to be difficult, and .. show full overview
Banner of the Flying Sword
Fecha de emisión
Abr 14, 2017
Guts receives unexpected visitors with a surprising request. Meanwhile, Griffith and his force continue their advance, gaining new allies both fair and foul along the way.
Forest of Demonic Beasts
Fecha de emisión
Abr 21, 2017
Farnese has a moment of self-realization as she tries to adjust to her change in circumstance. Her abrupt about-face surprises Guts and his comrades, but nothing prepares them for the .. show full overview
Spirit Realm
Fecha de emisión
Abr 28, 2017
While speaking with the witch of the forest, she tells Guts she is much more knowledgable of his situation than he thought. She indicated someone has told her to expect them. Guts is .. show full overview
Fight for Survival Against the Demonic Legion
Fecha de emisión
May 05, 2017
Guts' band are not welcomed kindly when they arrive to help dispel trolls from a nearby village. Despite this, they manage to be allowed to stay the night, hoping they can intercept the .. show full overview
The Arcana of Invocation
Fecha de emisión
May 12, 2017
Schierke's shield withholds against the trolls, but an Ogre and Kelpie appear and cause further havoc. As Guts and Serpico fight them off, Schierke loses control of the water spirit and .. show full overview
The Corruption of Qliphoth
Fecha de emisión
May 19, 2017
Farnese and Casca have been taken by the trolls to Qliphoth, an astral place between life and death. Just as Guts and his party save them, a member of God Hand appears...
The Berserker Armor
Fecha de emisión
May 26, 2017
After rescuing Casca and Farnese, Guts has retained grievous injuries from his encounter in the spiritual realm. The group decides to take Guts back to Flora for treatment, only to discover that Griffith has sent an assault force to kill Flora.
The Witch's Recollection
Fecha de emisión
Jun 02, 2017
This episode has no summary.
A Journey Begins in Flames
Fecha de emisión
Jun 09, 2017
In his new cursed armor, Guts does not feel pain. This makes him near unstoppable, to the point that even one of the apostles of light cannot defeat him. But even if he doesn't feel .. show full overview
Proclaimed Omens
Fecha de emisión
Jun 16, 2017
Guts and party resume their journey to Puck’s home, an island called Skellig that exist between the planes and is home to both elves and mages. Skull Knight warns Guts of the effects of .. show full overview
2x12 Final de Programa de TV
City of Humans
Fecha de emisión
Jun 23, 2017
Guts' group approach the city of Vritannis where Ishidro upsets Schierke about her witch’s clothing. Schierke's learns that Vritannis traded in Kushan slaves, but all the slaves have .. show full overview

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