Australian Survivor

  • Calificación 9.5
  • Estrenada: Feb 2002
  • Episodios: 152
  • Seguidores: 86
  • Ranking #2585
  • En emisión
  • Network Ten
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Temporada 7 Discuss
Episode 1
Fecha de emisión
Feb 03, 2020
The best competition on TV is bigger than ever. The biggest villains, game players and heroes, are seeking redemption and competing against each other in the first ever Australian Survivor: All Stars.
Episode 2
Fecha de emisión
Feb 04, 2020
Proving it's game on, things heat up between tribe mates, with new alliances being formed and others being kept in the dark. An intense Tribal Council sees a much loved character say goodbye.
Episode 3
Fecha de emisión
Feb 05, 2020
They don't call it All Stars for nothing, and this episode proves just how cutthroat Survivor royalty can be with the most epic Tribal Council the show has seen.
Episode 4
Fecha de emisión
Feb 10, 2020
When both tribes meet at the reward challenge, what they're fighting for isn't what it seems, to the disappointment of the winning tribe.
Episode 5
Fecha de emisión
Feb 11, 2020
With a romance sparking between two tribe mates, will a power couple be formed and hold strong as the game progresses?
Episode 6
Fecha de emisión
Feb 12, 2020
Needing to pull together to ensure success reward and immunity wins, both tribes put their differences aside and fight a hard fight to win.
Episode 7
Fecha de emisión
Feb 17, 2020
After not one but two unexpected departures, one tribe member wakes up especially confident that they have a hold on the game.
Episode 8
Fecha de emisión
Feb 18, 2020
Still playing the game in their tribes, the immunity challenge is thrown on its head with not one, but two single immunity necklaces up for grabs.
Episode 9
Fecha de emisión
Feb 19, 2020
Everyone's favourite Survivor reward is up for grabs in the Survivor Auction, however the rules have changed and instead of using individual cash, each tribe has a communal kitty to pool from.
Episode 10
Fecha de emisión
Feb 24, 2020
After Tribe swap, things are a bit shaky for a few tribe members lost without their alliances. Tribe members scramble to show their loyalty, but will the vote be swayed in their favour?
Episode 11
Fecha de emisión
Feb 25, 2020
With one Tribe on a winning streak, the opposing castaways need to put their alliances aside and really work together to ensure an immunity challenge win.
Episode 12
Fecha de emisión
Feb 26, 2020
The sun rises on an All Stars milestone. Our castaways have hit the halfway mark and are one day closer to merge! One castaway aims to enact long awaited revenge, but does everything go to plan?
Episode 13
Fecha de emisión
Mar 02, 2020
With one tribe member knowing their name is on the parchment to be eliminated, a scramble ensues. Will friends suddenly become enemies?
Episode 14
Fecha de emisión
Mar 03, 2020
It's day 29 in Savusavu and the vibe among both tribes is that a merge is imminent.
Episode 15
Fecha de emisión
Mar 04, 2020
Still on a high from blindsiding another big player, some players are walking on air, while others are rethinking their rankings.
Episode 16
Fecha de emisión
Mar 09, 2020
It's an all-out Aussie barbecue up for grabs at the reward challenge. At Tribal Council, Jonathan throws a spanner in the works with yet another twist that turns the tribe's plans on its head.
Episode 17
Fecha de emisión
Mar 10, 2020
It may be the end of the game for a contestant after a betrayal gets leaked. With so much now at stake, no one is safe from elimination without winning that immunity challenge.
Episode 18
Fecha de emisión
Mar 11, 2020
The game has taken a turn and for one player, an opportunity presents itself after a major player is betrayed and vows revenge, looking to build their numbers and blindside the hell out of someone!
Episode 19
Fecha de emisión
Mar 16, 2020
When the reward challenge is a night away complete with spa and bed, it's every tribe member for themselves. Once the winner is decided, those back at camp plan a devious move for the next vote.
Episode 20
Fecha de emisión
Mar 17, 2020
Sometimes the swing vote is the most powerful position to be in. During Tribal Council, one tribe member is implored for their vote by both sides, giving them the power of the game.
Episode 21
Fecha de emisión
Mar 18, 2020
After missing out on the Immunity Challenge win, a hunt for an Idol ensues. At Tribal Council, not all is as it seems and Jonathan has one last trick up his sleeve.
Episode 22
Fecha de emisión
Mar 23, 2020
With one tribe member on the bottom of the group, they know the only way to secure their place in the game is to win individual immunity.
Episode 23
Fecha de emisión
Mar 24, 2020
With the next immunity challenge deciding who will make the final three, it's more important than ever to be on your game, but for one castaway, island life is taking a toll on their body.
Episode 24
Fecha de emisión
Mar 30, 2020
Three becomes two in an epic showdown of endurance and strength in the final challenge and then, arguments are pitched and the Jury votes are cast to determine who will be crowned the Sole Survivor.
Reunion Special
Fecha de emisión
Mar 30, 2020
Join us for the live reveal of the Sole Survivor. With the castaways all back together, it's the tell all reunion show no one will want to miss.

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