• Calificación 8.6
  • Estrenada: Oct 1999
  • Episodios: 110
  • Seguidores: 2234
  • Ranking #326
  • Finalizado
  • The WB
  • Miércoles a las 9


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Temporada 5 Discuss
Conviction (1)
Fecha de emisión
Oct 01, 2003
Some old acquaintances come back into Angel's life as he and his friends begin running Wolfram and Hart and try to figure out why they've been selected to do so.
Just Rewards (2)
Fecha de emisión
Oct 08, 2003
Angel and Spike challenge a necromancer who is unhappy with Wolfram and Hart's new leadership.
Fecha de emisión
Oct 15, 2003
Angel tries to help a young woman who has been turned into a werewolf and is being pursued by a group of truly rarified gourmets.
Hell Bound
Fecha de emisión
Oct 22, 2003
After being menaced by a series of gruesome ghosts no one else can see, Spike finally comes face to face with the spectral being who's been trying to drag him into hell.
Life of the Party
Fecha de emisión
Oct 29, 2003
Strange things happen when Lorne has his sleep removed right before Wolfram and Hart's big Halloween party.
The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco
Fecha de emisión
Nov 05, 2003
While losing heart for his own career as a hero, Angel befriends a disheartened, elderly hero, and battles an Aztec warrior who literally eats the hearts of heroes.
Fecha de emisión
Nov 12, 2003
When Wesley's father visits Wolfram and Hart, the firm is attacked by a troop of spooky Ninja cyborgs.
Fecha de emisión
Nov 19, 2003
After Spike receives a strange package, Wolfram and Hart employees are possessed by evil... while Angel and Spike are set against each other in a quest that brings their 100-year-old rivalry to a head.
Harm's Way
Fecha de emisión
Ene 14, 2004
When Harmony wakes up next to a dead man with vampire bites in his neck, she's afraid she lost her head and killed him... but she can't remember doing it.
Soul Purpose
Fecha de emisión
Ene 21, 2004
When Spike is talked into taking up the good-deeds business, Eve lets loose a soul sucking parasite on Angel, who then suffers disturbing feverish hallucinations as he sleeps.
Fecha de emisión
Ene 28, 2004
A deranged vampire slayer is convinced that spike is the man who kidnapped and tortured her when she was a child.
You're Welcome
Fecha de emisión
Feb 04, 2004
When Lindsey returns and tries to defeat Angel using a secret "failsafe" entity created by the Powers That Be, Cordelia emerges from her coma to help save Angel.
Why We Fight
Fecha de emisión
Feb 11, 2004
A World War II submarine sailor - the only man Angel ever turned into a vampire since regaining his soul - returns to seek his revenge.
Smile Time
Fecha de emisión
Feb 18, 2004
While Nina the werewolf shows romantic interest in Angel, he investigates a demon-infested children's television program and gets turned into a puppet; Gunn makes a deal to keep his .. show full overview
A Hole in the World
Fecha de emisión
Feb 25, 2004
After being breathed on by an ancient sarcophagus, Fred contracts a mystery illness and lies near death while Angel and his friends try to figure out what's wrong with her.
Fecha de emisión
Mar 03, 2004
Mourning Fred's death, Angel and his friends vow to find a way to bring her back, which leads to a confrontation with the ancient god Illyria, who now occupies Fred's body.
Fecha de emisión
Abr 14, 2004
Angel, Gunn and Spike rescue Lindsey from a suburban hell dimension; Lorne and Eve are pursued by a representative of the senior partners; and Wesley consoles Illyria, who hates her new world.
Fecha de emisión
Abr 21, 2004
When a warlock brings Connor back into Angel's life, Wesley finds out that Angel has tinkered with the memories of his friends.
Time Bomb
Fecha de emisión
Abr 28, 2004
As Angel and Hamilton urge Wesley to get rid of Illyria, she suffers a cataclysmic physical breakdown; and Gunn clashes with Angel over the enforcement of an evil demon contract.
The Girl in Question
Fecha de emisión
May 05, 2004
While Angel and Spike to go Italy to retrieve the head of a demon mobster (and save Buffy from a new suitor), Fred's parents arrive at Wolfram and Hart, looking for their daughter.
Power Play
Fecha de emisión
May 12, 2004
As Angel's behaviour grows increasingly hostile, his friends learn he's associating with members of an evil secret society, and may have deliberately engineered Fred's death.
5x22 Final de Programa de TV
Not Fade Away
Fecha de emisión
May 19, 2004
Angel and his friend's prepare for their "suicide" attack on the circle of the Black Thorn.

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