King Arthur's Disasters

King Arthur's Disasters

Tournament Of Terror (2x13)

Final de Programa de TV

Fecha de emisión: Feb 01, 2006

Believing that her Father has offered her hand in marriage to the winner of the Annual Camelot Tournament, Princess Guinevere begs Arthur to enter and win as, given the choices, she'd rather marry him. Merlin convinces Sir Margaret to train Arthur in the martial arts and after a series of painful mishaps declares him as ready as he'll ever be. With some help from Merlin's magic, Arthur defeats Sir Martyn in hand to hand combat, Robin Hood and William Tell in the archery contest and Sir Launcelot and Sir Margaret in the joust. Guinevere's father awards the King his most prized possession - a champion Hereford Bull.

  • Estrenada: Abr 2005
  • Episodios: 26
  • Seguidores: 2
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