Twenty Twelve

  • Premieret: Mar 2011
  • Afsnit: 13
  • Følgere: 51
  • Slut
  • BBC Four
  • Fredag på 22
  • Comedy


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Sæsoner 2
Boycott (1)
Episode overview
Mar 30, 2012
This week the Algerian Olympic team threatens to boycott the Games after discovering that the Shared Belief Centre does not face Mecca.
Boycott (2)
Episode overview
Apr 06, 2012
It is the second half of a very long day. The Algerians issue a deadline of midnight for a solution to their demand for a Shared Belief Centre which faces Mecca, while the French .. show full overview
Clarence House
Episode overview
Apr 13, 2012
A decision must be made about the future of the Olympic Stadium, and Clarence House has asked the ODC to look at ways of linking the 2012 Olympics with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee - is 'Jubilympics' the perfect branding solution?
The Rapper
Episode overview
Apr 20, 2012
Siobhan's team design a major sexual health campaign, complete with a rap song "Get It On", which may upset the Catholic competitors.
Episode overview
Jul 10, 2012
Thirty two days to go, and with Head of Deliverance Ian Fletcher chairing the final ever meeting of the Twenty Twelve Security Committee's Special Catastrophisation Unit, it emerges that .. show full overview
Inclusivity Day
Episode overview
Jul 17, 2012
Having been shot in the foot with a doctored starting pistol, head of deliverance Ian Fletcher discovers that he is also shortly to be without a PA as current PA Daniel Stroud has been .. show full overview
2x7 Serieafslutning
Loose Ends
Episode overview
Jul 24, 2012
Ten days left to try to tie up loose ends before the Deliverance Team finally hands over to the Live Team. Issues include what to do when it's discovered that the fireworks planned for .. show full overview

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