The Jewel in the Crown

  • Premieret: Jan 1984
  • Afsnit: 14
  • Følgere: 6
  • Slut
  • ITV
  • Mandag på 20
  • Drama History Mini-series Romance War


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Sæsoner 1
Crossing the River
Episode overview
Jan 09, 1984
Permeated by the political tension of the unsettled era. Crossing the River opens in February 1942. The Japanese Army has conquered Burma and is threatening to invade neighboring .. show full overview
The Bibighar Gardens
Episode overview
Jan 10, 1984
Jealousy and circumstance weave together. Daphne Manners is pregnant, and Hari Kumar languishes in jail on a charge of rape. Unrequited in his love for Daphne, Superintendent Ronald .. show full overview
Questions of Loyalty
Episode overview
Jan 17, 1984
Daphne Manners dies during childbirth and the baby is now in the care of her aunt, Lady Manners. The whole Manners case is the talk of the British community and while holidaying on a .. show full overview
Incidents at a Wedding
Episode overview
Jan 24, 1984
The Layton family has traveled to Mirat but the wedding plans are in disarray. Susan is quite naturally on edge and her aunt Fenny's flitting about doesn't help the situation. Teddy .. show full overview
The Regimental Silver
Episode overview
Jan 31, 1984
With the wedding over and Teddie and Susan safely off on their honeymoon, Merrick once again is harassed and humiliated at the train station. He apologizes to Sarah for all that has .. show full overview
Ordeal by Fire
Episode overview
Feb 07, 1984
Having held a memorial service for Teddie Bingham, the Laytons learn more about the circumstances of his death when Susan receives a letter from his commanding officer. It would seem .. show full overview
Daughters of the Regiment
Episode overview
Feb 14, 1984
Still in Calcutta, Sarah accepts Jimmy Clarke's invitation to attend a party and finds a somewhat mixed crowd. She also finds that Clarke isn't quite the gentleman her aunt Fenny made .. show full overview
The Day of the Scorpion
Episode overview
Feb 21, 1984
Returning to Pankot from her trip to Calcutta, Sarah Layton meets Count Bronowski and Nigel Rowan at the train station in Ranpur. Also accompanied by Ahmed Kassim, they are on their way .. show full overview
The Towers of Silence
Episode overview
Feb 28, 1984
Susan has had a complete breakdown and is under psychiatric care in Pankot Hospital. When Mildred returns the spoons Barbie gave Susan as a wedding gift, she decides to donate them to .. show full overview
An Evening at the Maharanee's
Episode overview
Mar 06, 1984
Sarah travels to Bombay to meet her father, Colonel John Layton, who has been freed from his prisoner of war camp. Colonel Layton is concerned as to the well-being of a Havildar from his .. show full overview
Travelling Companions
Episode overview
Mar 13, 1984
Sarah and her father return to Pankot and attempt to resume their normal lives. The Colonel is still worried about the well-being of his Havildar and has written the Governor seeking his .. show full overview
The Moghul Room
Episode overview
Mar 20, 1984
With the Japanese surrender and the end of the war, Perron puts into effect his plan for a quick demobilization. He also hears a strange tale from one of the nurses, "Sophie" Tucker .. show full overview
Pandora's Box
Episode overview
Mar 27, 1984
It is now August 1947 and Guy Perron, who has returned to academic life, is in India to observe the transition to independence. His arrival in Mirat was meant to be a joyous occasion .. show full overview
1x14 Serieafslutning
The Division of the Spoils
Episode overview
Apr 03, 1984
Before leaving Mirat, Count Bronowski tells Guy the true circumstances concerning Merrick's death. While traveling on the train to Ranpur, Guy, Sarah, Susan and Fenny come face to face .. show full overview

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