The Challenge: USA

  • Premieret: Jul 2022
  • Afsnit: 11
  • Følgere: 37
  • Kørende
  • CBS
  • Onsdag på 21
  • Reality


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Sæsoner 1
The United States of Challenge
Episode overview
Jul 06, 2022
BMX Legend TJ Lavin welcomes 28 competitors from Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and Love Island to The Challenge. With old rivalries, new alliances, messy exes, and fractured friendships under one roof, who will be the first eliminated?
Oh Say Can You See Tiffany
Episode overview
Jul 13, 2022
The Challengers are shocked by TJ's latest twist. A Survivor legend looks to cement their dominance in the game, while a crafty Big Brother player might be proving a little too popular with other Challengers.
Declarations of Independence
Episode overview
Jul 20, 2022
While some alliances are growing in strength, others are starting to fall apart. A powerful duo starts to raise suspicions in the game, while a pair of newly mismatched Challengers' lack of team chemistry puts their games in serious danger.
Liberty and Justice For All
Episode overview
Jul 27, 2022
TJ introduces the players to one of his favorite challenges - trivia! A vendetta from the past reignites in the Compound as a challenger seeks the ultimate revenge.
In Tyson We Trust
Episode overview
Aug 03, 2022
A difficult water-based challenge leaves some players swimming for survival. Whispers in the Compound threaten to destroy a mighty alliance.
A Civil War
Episode overview
Aug 10, 2022
The Challengers scramble for power in the wake of a shocking blindside. A pair of underdogs must choose between creating more chaos or playing it safe.
State of the Unions
Episode overview
Aug 17, 2022
Players find themselves crashing cars while blindfolded in an epic challenge. A scorned competitor looks to sabotage their new partner. TJ serves up a game-changing twist.
Independence Day
Episode overview
Aug 24, 2022
After an explosive twist, a secret alliance makes plans to take control of the game. TJ introduces the Challengers to one of his favorite eliminations, the infamous "Hall Brawl."
Nevertheless She Persisted
Episode overview
Aug 31, 2022
A vengeful player looks for payback after being sabotaged in the challenge. The reveal of a secret alliance turns the game upside down.
Pledges of Allegiance
Episode overview
Sep 07, 2022
Players must scale a moving semi-truck in one of the most intense and fast-moving challenges of the season. A ruthless player schemes to pit two allies against each other.
1x11 Sæsonafslutning
Home of the Brave
Episode overview
Sep 14, 2022
The remaining players fight to secure spots in the fast-approaching Final. Who will survive the brutal conditions and TJ's twists and turns to earn the Challenge USA crown and $500,000?

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