Robin of Sherwood

  • Premieret: Apr 1984
  • Afsnit: 26
  • Følgere: 21
  • Slut
  • ITV1
  • Lørdag på 18
  • Action Drama Fantasy


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Sæsoner 3
Herne's Son (1)
Episode overview
Apr 05, 1986
After the death of Loxley, the outlaw band have gone their separate ways. Robert of Huntingdon, the man called by Herne, has rejected his calling, saying no one else could be The Hooded .. show full overview
Herne's Son (2)
Episode overview
Apr 12, 1986
Robert of Huntingdon and the reformed Merry Men set out to rescue Marion from Clun, and Huntingdon claims the mantle of Robin of Sherwood.
The Power of Albion
Episode overview
Apr 19, 1986
Before his death, Loxley gave Albion to Marion. She has kept it safe for the past year at the home of her father, who has begged her to have no more to do with the outlaws. She attempts .. show full overview
The Inheritance
Episode overview
Apr 26, 1986
An old man and his beautiful daughter live alone in the ancient castle of Caerleon. They are about to be attacked by a horde of brigands led to the castle by a former employee of the old .. show full overview
The Sheriff of Nottingham
Episode overview
Maj 03, 1986
Robert de Rainault, high Sheriff of Nottingham, failing one time too many to end the activities of Robin Hood, is dismissed by the king and replaced by Philip Mark, ""The Butcher of .. show full overview
The Cross of St. Ciricus
Episode overview
Maj 10, 1986
Robin and his band rescue from bandits a desperately ill woman en route to the shrine of St. Ciricus at Croxden Abbey. She confesses a startling secret to Tuck and later to Robin. .. show full overview
Cromm Cruac
Episode overview
Maj 17, 1986
After Much is injured in a pit trap, the outlaws seek help for him at the nearest village, Cromm Cruac, a place no one has heard of until now. All is not right, as becomes evident by the .. show full overview
The Betrayal
Episode overview
Maj 24, 1986
King John, furious over the disappearance of the past several tax collections from Nottingham, schemes to put an end to the outlaws by ending their popular support. A band of his .. show full overview
Adam Bell
Episode overview
Maj 31, 1986
The Sheriff's young nephew, Martin, is kidnapped by Adam Bell, an aging outlaw who was the Robin Hood of his day, but now robs only for himself. The Sheriff, using his hostage, Much, as a bargaining chip, persuades Robin to rescue the boy from Bell.
The Pretender
Episode overview
Jun 07, 1986
Taking up with a 12 year old French princess, King John has anulled his marriage to Queen Hadwisa, who vows revenge against her former husband and the new queen, Isabella. Her plan is to .. show full overview
Episode overview
Jun 14, 1986
'Mad Mab' is an old hermit who lives happily with her family of pigs, including her 'baby', Rutterkin. Edgar of Huntingdon, Robert's uncle, captures Rutterkin and later Mab, accusing the .. show full overview
The Time of the Wolf (1)
Episode overview
Jun 21, 1986
The Sheriff is ordered by The King to collect grain from the villages of Nottingham, as more provisions are needed for the troops in France. Knowing that the villagers will not survive .. show full overview
3x13 Serieafslutning
The Time of the Wolf (2)
Episode overview
Jun 28, 1986
Gisburne has joined the Sons of Fenris and manages to capture Robin and his men as well as the Sheriff of Notingham. With Robin in his power, Gulnar completes his creature using dark .. show full overview

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