Press Gang

  • Premieret: Jan 1989
  • Afsnit: 43
  • Følgere: 8
  • Slut
  • ITV1
  • Ukendt
  • Children Comedy Drama Family


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Sæsoner 5
Head and Heart
Episode overview
Apr 16, 1993
As a result of his crush on the school secretary, Colin discovers that she is having an affair with the headteacher. Since he was one of those responsible for setting up the paper, and .. show full overview
Friendly Fire
Episode overview
Apr 23, 1993
Sarah contemplates her future with the Junior Gazette. Should she stay or should she go? But how will the rest of them handle her decision
A Quarter to Midnight
Episode overview
Apr 30, 1993
Having lied to Spike about her whereabouts, Lynda becomes accidently trapped in an airtight storage vault in the Slattenheim building where she was meeting John Crawford, her source on a .. show full overview
Food, Love and Insecurity
Episode overview
Maj 07, 1993
The subject of a breaking news story, Phillipa Prescott, is one of Spike's old girlfriends. He takes her to dinner at a restaurant to try to get information from her. The team bug their .. show full overview
Episode overview
Maj 14, 1993
Colin goes on a date with Lynda. But it doesn't turn out the way he was expecting.
5x6 Serieafslutning
There Are Crocodiles
Episode overview
Maj 21, 1993
Is it last day of The Junior Gazette? The gang recollect their thoughts and feelings as Lynda hands them all some sane advice, including Spike.

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