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Season 3 Discuss
No Hands, No Feet, No Wings / Let's Help Dad
Mar 26, 2000
A.) On a day when the kids aren't exactly agreeing on anything with each other, Mayor Jeff introduces an especially tough relay game that requires both thinking AND teamwork. B.) PB&J .. show full overview
The Funky Band / The Singin' Kid
Apr 02, 2000
A.) PB&J bring the neighborhood kids together in their front yard, to form the Lake Hoohaw Funky Band. Jealous because they weren't invited to join, Ootsie and Bootsie decide to sneakily .. show full overview
The Johnny Pompalope Story / The Soapbox Boat Race
Apr 09, 2000
A.) Aunt Nanner begins to tell the kids the story of that brave pompalope-planting pioneer, Johnny Pompalope. When she has to leave unexpectedly, and being unable to finish the story, .. show full overview
Aunt Nanner's Special Place / Munchy's Sinking Feeling
Apr 16, 2000
A.) Aunt Nanner takes the kids on a trip to her childhood swimming hole, and the group encounters a series of adventures along the way. B.) Munchy's favorite toy boat gets broken, .. show full overview
The Mystery Crate / It's a Bird, It's a Plane...It's an Elephant?
Apr 23, 2000
A.) Aunt Nanner sends PB&J a gigantic package, but they have to wait until she gets there to open it. Ultimately, though, the kids' curiousity gets the better of them, and they realize .. show full overview
Whistling Up The Wrong Munchy / Billy the Duck
Apr 30, 2000
A.) After they ""discover"" Munchy whistling fantastically in the woods, Peanut and Jelly pressure him into performing a whistling concert for the whole town. B.) ""He uses kids as a .. show full overview
Opal's Magic Mud Party / Leave it to Munchy
Maj 13, 2000
A.) PB&J help Opal prepare a batch of her famous Lake Hoohaw Beauty Mud. B.) Munchy worries about saying something silly, so he decides to stop talking, entirely.
Peanut Overboard / Come Back, Mama
Maj 14, 2000
A.) Peanut builds a toy sailboat out of popsicle sticks, and feels defeated when his friends say they don't like it as much as he thought they would. B.) When Opal returns from a .. show full overview
Hoohaw is Where the Heart is / Everything in its Place
Maj 21, 2000
A.) When Aunt Nanner comes to visit, telling the family all about her most recent globe-hopping adventures, PB&J start thinking that life on Lake Hoohaw may seem too dull to her. They .. show full overview
On the Right Track / Itchy Situation
Maj 28, 2000
A.) The Lake Hoohaw Junior Track Games are held, and confidence-lacking Munchy is teamed up with high-spirited Peanut and Jelly. B.) The Otters and the Snooties use their own different .. show full overview
The Big Surprise / Bazania Mania
Jun 04, 2000
A.) Mayor Jeff asks his friend, Woodrow Woodchuck, to build a 12-inch tall statue of Lake Hoohaw founder, Captain Gazpacho (in honor of Founder's Day). But due to a slight mix-up, Chuck .. show full overview
Sergeant Gravel to the Rescue / Sleepyhead
Jun 11, 2000
A.) Peanut accidentally loses his library book, and, to make matters worse, the book is due back to the library that very same day. What's a young otter to do, except...FREAK OUT! B.) .. show full overview
Watchbird Alert / Flick's Hat Trick
Jun 18, 2000
A.) After their treehouse collapses, Cap'n and Connie Crane come to stay with the Otters. At first, PB&J are excited to have the Cranes stay; but they soon realize that the Cap'n is .. show full overview
A Very Surprising Party / Easy Pickings
Jun 25, 2000
A.) The Poodles have to throw a huge, mega-expensive party in order to impress Mr. Snooty's boss, Mr. Bigdog. No problem for the Snooties, right? But there is a problem: the Snooties .. show full overview
Collector's Edition / Trading Places
Jul 02, 2000
A.) Flick receives a rare collector's edition of a ""Mallard Man"" comic book. When the Snooties offer to buy it from him, willing to give him anything he wants, Flick must choose .. show full overview
Munchy's No Big Deal / Bubbles' Beginnings
Jul 09, 2000
A.) When all the kids attend a sleepover, they discover that Munchy talks in his sleep. Unbelieveably embarrassed, Munchy vows never to fall asleep at a sleepover ever again - which is .. show full overview
Soccer Surprise / Baking Blues
Jul 16, 2000
A.) Mayor Jeff's friend, former soccer player Otto the Bear, comes to stay with the Otters - since there's no room for him on Jeff's boat, which is overloaded with sinks (don't ask). At .. show full overview
Thanks for the Giggle Melon
Jul 23, 2000
Jelly is determined to try and grow a tropical giggle melon fruit in Lake Hoohaw, despite the fact that many of the townsfolk believe it cannot be done. But, after several months, .. show full overview
Hope Castle
Jul 30, 2000
Mayor Jeff takes the kids on a tour of old Fort Gazpacho, a 200-year-old town landmark. Afterwards, the kids (amazed by the sight of the historic structure) decide it would be great if .. show full overview
Where Oh Where, is Flick? / Win, Win, Winner
Aug 06, 2000
A.) Flick absent-mindedly leaves the house without telling his mother. When his mom cannot find him, she becomes frantic, and asks Opal, Peanut, and Jelly to help look for him. B.) .. show full overview
Easy As Pie / Pinky Pledge
Aug 20, 2000
A.) Flick earns a pie by helping the Snooties. He is reluctant to share his reward with his friends, but deep down, he really wants to. B.) Mr. Raccoon gets a new job in the far-away .. show full overview
Peanut Cries 'Uncle' / Nanner Says, 'I Do'
Aug 25, 2000
A.) Peanut becomes jealous when Aunt Nanner begins spending all her time with her new ""acquaintance"", Rudolpho. B.) In a continuation of the first story, Nanner and Rudolpho plan to get married on Lake Hoohaw.
Big Beaver Day / The Thing That Almost Ate Hoohaw
Aug 27, 2000
A.) Munchy turns 8 years old, and is given an intimidating new set of responsibilities - helping his mother at work, as she does repairs for the local dam. B.) While fishing one day, .. show full overview
Ducking Out On Valentine's Day / Opal And The New Otter
Sep 03, 2000
A.) Flick doesn't receive a Valentine from the Snooties, when everyone else he knows, does. He then swears off getting any Valentines at all, claiming ""I don't like Valentines. They're .. show full overview
Goodbye Lake Hoohaw
Sep 10, 2000
Mr. Bigdog, a rich developer, comes to Lake Hoohaw with plans to turn the small, peaceful community into a massive Resort & Theme Park. Being thrilled with the idea of having this .. show full overview
3x26 Serieafslutning
A Hoohaw Halloween
Okt 15, 2000
In this half-hour adventure, the gang tries to help Pinch overcome her fear of Halloween and Trick-or-Treating. Everything goes fine, until PB&J suddenly become sick, and can't go out .. show full overview

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