Oh! Super Milk-Chan

  • Rang #
  • Premieret: Jun 1998
  • Afsnit: 26
  • Følgere: 0
  • Slut
  • Animax
  • Ukendt
  • Action Adventure Animation Comedy Science-fiction


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Sæsoner 2
The Evil Spirits Go Marching In
Episode overview
Jan 27, 2000
A counterfeiter is making money that closely resembles the real thing. Milk is sent to uncover him, and soon discovers his one weakness: Belgian waffles! "Give me all the Belgian waffles I can buy with this money!"
From Giba-Chan to Dioxin
Episode overview
Feb 03, 2000
After dreaming that people who look suspiciously like the Ku Klux Klan try to kill him in a guillotine, the President fires a missile on his own country. His attempts to get Milk to stop it fail miserably.
Don't Give Up, Sumi High Baseball Team!
Episode overview
Feb 10, 2000
A ship carrying a load of wine sinks in the middle of the ocean. Milk is sent to aid the drunken fish.
The Return of the Young Master from the Planet
Episode overview
Feb 17, 2000
Aliens, seeking new sources of food, have kidnapped the President. Milk goes out to find him but doesn't even know where to start.
Rice Cakes Stretching and Shrinking
Episode overview
Feb 24, 2000
Milk seeks a way to make a better version of her favorite treat, rice cakes. Her searches are interrupted when the President orders her to find a missing baby. Despite the title and the dialogue, the "rice cakes" are actually mochi.
The Towering Homeless
Episode overview
Mar 02, 2000
After the cardboard houses of the homeless burn down, the President orders Milk to build them new homes. This episode repeats itself as its own sequel.
Ra-Ra-Raccoon Dog, Heisei Pig Wars Oink Oink
Episode overview
Mar 09, 2000
A mishap involving sexual harassment causes trouble at a pig leg factory. Two pigs in love escape and are now defecting. Milk is ordered to stop them, but she's too busy with her own snack foods.
The Virtual Sound System
Episode overview
Mar 16, 2000
Milk accidentally eats a priceless Tyrannosaurus rex egg, but the President is too busy crying over his lost cat to worry. In order to smooth things over, Milk sets out to find his cat. .. show full overview
Financial Decay Peninsula
Episode overview
Mar 23, 2000
There's a rash of purse thefts in nursing homes. Milk is sent out, with the aid of an old-man robot, to combat it.
Hou Houkekkyo, Who's Going to Die?
Episode overview
Mar 30, 2000
Tetsuko breaks down due to the Y2K bug (although the 2K stands for the number of farts). Before Milk has a chance to fix her, she's sent to combat a killer bear.
Having a Thick Talk for Dinner
Episode overview
Apr 06, 2000
An outtakes episode, hosted by Dr. Eyepatch and a man with three eyes who claims to be the show's creator.
Farewell to Mankind
Episode overview
Apr 13, 2000
Reality is being warped by a machine that resembles a shiitake mushroom. Milk is sent to take care of the problem, but has some trouble as the mushroom's rays keep sending her back in time.

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