• Premieret: Sep 2012
  • Afsnit: 18
  • Følgere: 466
  • Slut
  • Sky One
  • Fredag på 21
  • Comedy


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Sæsoner 3
Where the Streets Do Have Names
Episode overview
Mar 02, 2015
Liam and Debra abandon the kids for a romantic break to celebrate their 20th anniversary - but it all threatens to fall apart after a chance encounter with Liam's old flame. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
The Plunder Years
Episode overview
Mar 09, 2015
Padraic finds himself caught in the middle of his warring parents and decides to escape his troubles, leading his worried mum and dad to raise the alarm following his disappearance. .. show full overview
Fecks, Lies and Videotape
Episode overview
Mar 16, 2015
Martin finds out that every clip played on a TV video out-take show earns £250 - so he and Padraic get hold of a camera and try to film themselves doing something stupid. Meanwhile, the .. show full overview
Unidentified Feckin' Objects
Episode overview
Mar 23, 2015
When crop circles are discovered in Boyle, Martin goes UFO-hunting - and ends up telling the local media his donkey has been abducted by aliens. As the town council goes into crisis .. show full overview
Bells 'n' Smells
Episode overview
Mar 30, 2015
With Dessie, Fidelma and baby Rose back living with the Moones, the choirmaster sets to work on a new business to help him give his family their own home. But does Boyle really need a .. show full overview
3x6 Serieafslutning
Gershwin's Bucket List
Episode overview
Apr 06, 2015
Grandad's childhood imaginary friend George Gershwin, a cool, piano-playing guy, turns up to fulfil his bucket list., Martin takes an unusual approach to his exam revision.

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