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Season 13
Auditions, Day 1
Episode overview
Apr 19, 2021
The best home cooks from around the country will face challenge after challenge to see who will rise to the top and take home the coveted title of Australia's next MasterChef.
Auditions, Day 2
Episode overview
Apr 20, 2021
The judges are looking for just five more cooks to round out the top 24. The home cooks who are given a second chance will battle it out for the remaining aprons.
Emelia Jackson Mystery Box
Episode overview
Apr 21, 2021
This mystery box is selected by MasterChef Australia champion Emelia Jackson. The three best dishes will be awarded an immunity pin that can be played at any time during an elimination cook.
Chicken Or The Egg?
Episode overview
Apr 22, 2021
In this two round challenge, contestants must create dishes that feature a chicken or an egg. The contestant with the least impressive dish will be the first sent home.
Superstars Week - Nigella Lawason
Episode overview
Apr 25, 2021
Superstars Week kicks off with Nigella Lawson. Contestants must recreate Nigella's favourite dish based on her detailed description, with no ingredient list, recipe or visual reference to work from.
Superstars Week - Yotam Ottolenghi
Episode overview
Apr 26, 2021
Yotam Ottolenghi presents his favourite flavour bombs: numbing oil, fenugreek marinade and chipotle peanuts. Each team must create a meal that features one of Yotam's flavour bombs.
Superstars Week - Massimo Bottura (Elimination Challenge)
Episode overview
Apr 27, 2021
The judges reveal this elimination challenge is over two rounds and is set by cooking legend Massimo Bottura. Massimo presents his take on the classic dish: mac and cheese.
Superstars Week - Clare Smyth (Mystery Box)
Episode overview
Apr 28, 2021
Clare Smyth reveals the dish that has inspired her choice of mystery box ingredients. Contestants must create a sweet or savoury dish using the ingredients that Clare has chosen for the mystery box.
Superstars Week - Heston Blumenthal (Immunity Challenge)
Episode overview
Apr 29, 2021
Heston Blumenthal sets an immunity challenge in which contestants must use a popular breakfast ingredient to create a delicious dessert.
Poh, Callum & Reynold (Elimination Challenge)
Episode overview
Maj 02, 2021
MasterChef alumni Poh, Callum and Reynold present the contestants with three dishes from their venues. Contestants must create a dish worthy of a place on the menu at any of these establishments.
Least & Most Comfortable (Team Challenge)
Episode overview
Maj 03, 2021
Each team must cook the same six dishes within the time allocated. Each contestant on the team will cook one of the dishes and will be judged against the same dish made by the other two teams.
Sweet & Savoury Tart (Elimination Challenge)
Episode overview
Maj 04, 2021
Each contestant must choose the dish they feel most comfortable making: a savoury tart or sweet tart. Jock then switches the dishes and contestants must cook the dish they're least comfortable with.
Staples (Immunity Challenge)
Episode overview
Maj 05, 2021
Contestants must create a dish using the staple ingredients under their benches as well as two ingredients from the garden for flavour. Contestants with the top five dishes will compete for immunity.
Choose Your Ingredient & Masterclass
Episode overview
Maj 06, 2021
Contestants must choose an ingredient they would like to feature in a dish, but they won't know the ingredient they must pair it with until they have locked in their choice. A Masterclass follows.
That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles (Elimination Challenge)
Episode overview
Maj 09, 2021
Keen as mustard, the contestants have to cook a dish that interprets one of the classic food sayings on display. The contestant who fails will be going home. The contestant who fails will be going home. That's the way the cookie crumbles.
Meet The Masters
Episode overview
Maj 10, 2021
It's Meet the Masters Week. This opportunity gives the contestants up-close insights into the skills of the best culinary masters in Australia.
Pressure Test
Episode overview
Maj 11, 2021
The least impressive team from the master team challenge must cook off in this pressure test.
Mystery Box
Episode overview
Maj 12, 2021
The contestants enter the kitchen ready to take on the mystery box challenge set by a Michelin-starred chef.
Cooking With Fire (Immunity Challenge)
Episode overview
Maj 13, 2021
In a very special challenge, the top four contestants from the previous challenge meet in the kitchen to be taught a lesson in cooking with fire. The most impressive cook wins immunity.

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