Mark Hamill's Pop Culture Quest

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  • Premieret: Nov 2016
  • Afsnit: 10
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  • Comic-Con HQ
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Sæsoner 1
Joker's Favor
Episode overview
Nov 15, 2016
The DC headquarters is home to one of the greatest collections of comic book memorabilia and one of the most celebrated artists in the game, Jim Lee. The co-publisher and Mark trade favors and end up with their very own pieces of pop culture.
Monsters vs. Robots
Episode overview
Nov 22, 2016
Mark's affinity for Godzilla leads him to collector Scott Zillner, whose home is filled with thousands of monsters and robots and whose passion transcended his home and led to the creation of Power Morphicon.
A Model Universe
Episode overview
Nov 29, 2016
Jeff Bond's garage holds thousands of handmade spaceship models, and he even played Dr. McCoy in a fan-made Star Trek series. So Mark sets him up with a visit to the most iconic spaceship model of them all, the Nostromo.
Pinball Wizard
Episode overview
Dec 06, 2016
How do you collect something the size of a pinball machine? Mark visits collector Gene Lewin, owner of the Vintage Arcade Superstore, to find out.
Prop Master
Episode overview
Dec 12, 2016
One of the greatest collections of Hollywood film props ever amassed resides in the quiet suburbs of the San Fernando Valley. Mark takes a rare look inside the home of world famous collector, Bob Burns.
Kicks Collector
Episode overview
Dec 20, 2016
When the Guinness Book of Records gets involved, you know it's serious. Mark Hamill meets Jordy Gellar, curator of one of the largest Nike collections ever assembled and creator of the world's first Shoezeum.
Collectable Legends
Episode overview
Jan 03, 2017
Some collectibles are shrouded in rumors and mystery. Join Mark as he explores the story behind one of the most notorious Star Wars figured ever, the Rocket Firing Boba Fett.
Geared for Hollywood
Episode overview
Jan 10, 2017
Movie cars are as iconic as the heroes they transport, but to collect them takes a museum. Join Mark as he explores the Hollywood collection at the Petersen Auto Museum.
Raider of the Lost Props
Episode overview
Jan 16, 2017
Mark meets collector Brandon Alinger, who took boots-on-the-ground collecting to the next level when he convinced his family to travel to Tunisia in search of movie props.
1x10 Serieafslutning
Concept to Creation
Episode overview
Jan 24, 2017
Mark meets with DreamWorks Animation's Chief Creative of Global Franchise Group, Rick Rekedal, and high-end statue creators at Gentle Giant to learn more about the journey toys take to reach our mantels.

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