Little Women: LA

  • Score 6.3
  • Premieret: Maj 2014
  • Episodes: 148
  • Followers: 52
  • Rank #3319
  • Running
  • Lifetime (US)
  • Torsdag at 10


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Season 8 Discuss
Uphill Battle
Apr 04, 2019
Christy goes hiking with the girls and reveals her physical transformation; Jasmine plans a spa day centered around Terra; Terra and Joe brace themselves for whether or not Penny will need additional brain surgery.
Rollin' With the Homies
Apr 11, 2019
Autumn feels smothered when Christy plans her skating disco-themed birthday party; Tonya tells the girls that she and Jaa are finally more than just friends; Terra receives a profound reading from clairvoyant medium Tyler Henry.
Ghost, Guns, Girls Trip
Apr 18, 2019
The women are out of their element when they roll into a California gold rush town; pushed to her emotional limit, Tonya shocks the women with details of her father's death; Elena's bad attitude causes Terra and Christy to explode.
Hoarders and Performers
Apr 25, 2019
Jasmine pursues her love of music by signing up for a performance showcase, but struggles to overcome her anxiety and stage fright; Christy and Todd try to declutter their lives and their marriage; Elena isn't completely truthful with the girls.
Little Issues
Maj 02, 2019
Terra joins forces with the Dwarf Athletic Association to sponsor a bocce tournament; Christy pushes forward with her body transformation but struggles when Todd does not match her momentum; Elena admits some of her insecurities.
Marriage on the Rocks
Maj 09, 2019
Christy decides to start a lingerie line, but not everyone is supportive of her new business venture; Terra and Jasmine worry about their friendship with Elena as she becomes more distant; Jasmine makes a drastic move to re-spark her marriage.
Chili Dog Dreams
Maj 16, 2019
Jasmine's Bridezilla tendencies are revealed; when creative differences between Christy and her lingerie designer arise, Christy is forced to face her fears and deal with her own body image; Tonya helps relaunch her family's chili dog business.
Hen Party Fiasco
Maj 23, 2019
Elena presents her children's book to the girls; Mika brings some male entertainment to Jasmine's hen party that threatens to shut the whole thing down; Christy books an acting gig that conflicts with Jasmine's special day.
I Do's and Don'ts
Jul 11, 2019
Jasmine and Chris celebrate with an elaborate marriage vow renewal ceremony, but everyone stresses about whether or not Christy will show up for the big day; Christy must choose between a dream job and a friendship.
Social Media Intervention
Jul 18, 2019
Christy tries to help Todd qualify for a surgery that will drastically help his mobility; Terra gathers the girls for a very unique intervention for Tonya; accusations surface about things Jaa is saying behind Tonya's back.
Meddling Queen
Jul 25, 2019
After losing a ton of weight, Christy seeks out treatment for her recent hair loss; Elena finally confesses to the girls the root of her attitude issues; Terra co-hosts Drag Queen Bingo as a fundraiser for hydrocephalus.
The Snowball Effect
Jul 25, 2019
Christy sees the first of her lingerie designs brought to life, but not every piece is a success; cracks form in Autumn and Cole's friendship when Cole feels like his advice goes in one ear and out the other; a ski trip takes an explosive turn.
Russian Roulette
Aug 01, 2019
Terra and Joe are on pins and needles when their daughter Penny has to have multiple medical tests. Christy lays down the law with her daughter Autumn after finding out she's complaining .. show full overview
Truth and Dare
Aug 01, 2019
On the heels of one of their dirtiest fights ever, Jasmine, Elena, and Tonya do damage control between Terra and Christy. But Christy puts the drama aside to further her aspiring .. show full overview
Totally Shady
Aug 08, 2019
Elena produces a photo shoot for her new eye shadow palette and conducts the first public reading of her children's book; Christy fights with Todd over his lack of motivation to become healthier; Terra gets bad news about her daughter's health.
Baring It All
Aug 08, 2019
Tonya gives the women the true strip club experience at the premiere of her play "Roxy"; Terra finalizes plans for her Little Person retreat; Christy reaches her breaking point when Todd shows up to her fashion show looking like a slob.
Big Little Retreat
Aug 15, 2019
With her marriage to Todd on the rocks, Christy seeks advice from Tonya; Terra hosts her "Pushing Boundaries" retreat in Mexico, but worries about her daughter Penny's health; Terra's nemesis, Lila, arrives from New York.
The End of an Era
Aug 15, 2019
Trying to be better friends, Tonya and Elena step up to run events at Terra's retreat in Mexico; an explosion between Cole and Autumn leads to total chaos between the group; Christy confesses deep, dark secrets about her marriage to Todd.

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