Linda Green

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  • Premieret: Okt 2001
  • Afsnit: 20
  • Følgere: 0
  • Slut
  • BBC One
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Sæsoner 2
No Friends
Episode overview
Okt 22, 2002
Feeling post-natal and paranoid after the birth of their new baby—and with their sex life gone to pot—Linda's best mate Michelle reaches breaking-point when she clocks Linda pinching .. show full overview
Episode overview
Okt 29, 2002
Both Linda and Jimmy are between relationships and hanging out together. Linda's a little concerned at the amount of time Jimmy's spending round at her place. Their arrangement was sex .. show full overview
New England
Episode overview
Nov 05, 2002
Linda craves a little excitement in her life. What better way to get a bit of action than via a good cause? Linda hooks up with Sukie, a PC eco-warrior who's ready to fight for any .. show full overview
Blind Date
Episode overview
Nov 12, 2002
Linda's luck with men seems to be changing - she's met a man and he's romantic, sensitive, gentlemanly, generous and available! To seal a deal at the garage where Linda works, she .. show full overview
Episode overview
Nov 19, 2002
Linda spots a good-looking canvasser doing market research and makes a beeline for him. Andy is looking for couples for a focus group testing a new brand of condom. Linda drags on-off .. show full overview
Viva Espana
Episode overview
Nov 26, 2002
Linda's holiday plans go awry when she oversleeps after a big night out and arrives late at the airport. She gets there to find that she's just too late—Michelle, Darren and Jimmy have .. show full overview
Like Father
Episode overview
Dec 03, 2002
It's Linda's dad, Frank's birthday, and he's not taking the day well. He's very irritable, pondering on what he's missed out on in his life while he's been busy mopping up numerous .. show full overview
Easy Come, Easy Go
Episode overview
Dec 10, 2002
Linda meets Matt at the garage where she works. It doesn't take long for her to take a shine to him and they're soon going out together. But Matt doesn't like spending nights out down .. show full overview
Dark Side of the Moon
Episode overview
Dec 17, 2002
Darren and Michelle are finally tying the knot, with Linda as bridesmaid and Jimmy as best man. He's got the rings, written his speech, everything's in order except one thing—he's .. show full overview
2x10 Serieafslutning
Four Friends
Episode overview
Dec 17, 2002
Michelle, Darren and Jimmy are off to an old friend's wedding do and they all pile round to Linda's to wait for the cab. Jimmy shows up with a bloody nose—he's dating Gaynor again and .. show full overview

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