Kitchen Nightmares (AU)

  • Premieret: Okt 2022
  • Afsnit: 6
  • Følgere: 1
  • Kørende
  • Seven Network
  • Onsdag på 19
  • Food Reality


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Sæsoner 1
Mumma Jo's Diner
Episode overview
Okt 12, 2022
Colin goes to the country and finds bad attitudes and even worse food at the American diner from hell. It's time to serve up a reality check as he tries to fix the place in just five days.
Guru Life
Episode overview
Okt 19, 2022
It's not all good vibes at Guru Life. Good Time Jonny and his long-suffering fiance, Katie, are drowning in debt, and their restaurant is going downhill fast. Can Colin save them in only five days?
Cafe Martini
Episode overview
Okt 26, 2022
It's disgusting food with a side order of denial when Colin gets stuck in a time warp at the daggy Cafe Martini in Wangaratta. Can he revive this country pub and its owners in only five days?
Ccooks @ Corrigans
Episode overview
Nov 02, 2022
Colin is called to Batemans Bay to help a resort owner with an angry chef and failing restaurant. But when Colin arrives, other major problems are uncovered, as well as owner Andrew's true motives.
Cafe De Vie
Episode overview
Nov 08, 2022
It’s the filth and the fury as Colin goes to Café De Vie in Homebush and finds terrible food, a disgusting kitchen and an owner at war with her chef. Can Colin turn things around?
Episode overview
Nov 15, 2022
Experienced chef Anthony and his partner Lauren operate a restaurant in Winmalee, NSW at the foot of the Blue Mountains. While it's an idyllic location, customers can't find the .. show full overview

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