Indian Summers

  • Premieret: Feb 2015
  • Afsnit: 20
  • Følgere: 123
  • Slut
  • Channel 4
  • Søndag på 21
  • Drama Romance


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Sæsoner 2
Indian Man, British Suit
Episode overview
Mar 13, 2016
The epic drama picks up in 1935. A terrorist attack against the British Viceroy of India puts Aafrin in the frame, while Cynthia urges Ralph to make a play for the top job.
Black Kite
Episode overview
Mar 20, 2016
Aafrin's wounded comrade Naresh is convinced someone has betrayed him.
White Gods
Episode overview
Mar 27, 2016
Aafrin's troubles deepen as his personal and political worlds collide, while Ralph needs to befriend the slippery but powerful Maharajah of Amritpur and his mistress Sirene
The Empty Chair
Episode overview
Apr 03, 2016
A fashion show at the club ends with a horrifying attack on one of the guests. Ralph plays detective to find the culpit, but the truth is worse than he could have imagined.
Hide and Seek
Episode overview
Apr 10, 2016
A badly burned Lord Hawthorne demands Adam be arrested for the attack against him. Ralph and Cynthia try to find a way to protect the boy, when everyone's lives are thrown into chaos as .. show full overview
A Gift For The King
Episode overview
Apr 17, 2016
As Simla gathers to celebrate King George's Silver Jubilee, Aafrin is trapped in a nightmare - the terrorist Naresh Banerjee is plotting a bomb strike at the picnic.
The Proposal
Episode overview
Apr 24, 2016
The Maharajah returns to Simla, and offers Ralph his political support - at a price. Ralph is forced to consider how far he is prepared to go to achieve his ambitions as his marriage .. show full overview
The Birthday Party
Episode overview
Maj 01, 2016
Alice and Aafrin decide to flee Simla with Cynthia's help, but Charlie comes close to unveiling the truth, while Ian discovers some devastating information about Ramu Sood.
Winner Takes All
Episode overview
Maj 08, 2016
Ralph's life spirals out of control. The announcement of the new Viceroy leaves his ambitions in tatters, and he realises those closest have been conspiring behind his back.
2x10 Serieafslutning
Leaving Home
Episode overview
Maj 15, 2016
Alice and Charlie prepare to leave India for good. Ralph and Aafrin make momentous decisions about their careers. Cynthia is in a bidding war as Chotipool goes under the hammer.

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