Hope Springs

  • Premieret: Jun 2009
  • Afsnit: 8
  • Følgere: 22
  • Slut
  • BBC One
  • Søndag på 20
  • Drama


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Sæsoner 1
Episode 1
Episode overview
Jun 07, 2009
Ellie, Hannah, Josie and Shoo prepare to start a new life on a Barbados beach. They wait for their mate Mandy to arrive with their passports from Manchester but not everything goes to plan.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Jun 14, 2009
The women decide to try and steal Sadie's money after their three million pound has been destroyed in the fire. The women reach breaking point when Shoo threatens to leave.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Jun 21, 2009
Back with her friends in Hope Springs, Shoo puts all thoughts of her ex-boyfriend out of her mind, focusing her attentions on new beau Dean.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Jun 28, 2009
The news of Nathan's murder strikes fear into the hearts of Ellie, Hannah, Shoo and Josie. Believing the net is tightening on them, the girls decide to leave Hope Springs, but with no .. show full overview
Episode 5
Episode overview
Jul 05, 2009
As Ann Marie and Gil prepare to get married, Sadie is taken prisoner in her own bedroom. Things get much worse when hitman Marius arrives in town.
Episode 6
Episode overview
Jul 12, 2009
So that they can get some fake passports the women decide to fix a poker game. When the opposition decide to try and fix things as well not everything goes to plan.
Episode 7
Episode overview
Jul 19, 2009
When Ann Marie decides to sell the hotel to a pair of city boys the girls aren't happy with the idea.
1x8 Serieafslutning
Episode 8
Episode overview
Jul 26, 2009
The women's criminal past catches up with them when they get a surprise visit from Roy. As things go from bad to worse, will they ever live out their Barbados dream?

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