• Premieret: Okt 2014
  • Afsnit: 51
  • Følgere: 283
  • Kørende
  • ITV1
  • Fredag på 21
  • Crime Drama Mystery Suspense


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Sæsoner 8
Episode 1
Episode overview
Jan 11, 2024
When a young biker is found dead after a fun-filled charity motorbike race, Will and Geordie struggle to work out who would want to hurt a gifted young man.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Jan 18, 2024
Will is devastated to be the cause of a fatal bike accident, but Geordie rushes to exonerate his friend in the aftermath when Will is accused of manslaughter.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Jan 25, 2024
A student protest at a university garden party turns dark when a valuable painting is stolen and a college porter is found dead, and Cathy and Mrs C worry for Will.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Feb 01, 2024
Leonard is devastated and comes under pressure when an Italian immigrant and halfway house resident who confessed suicidal thoughts to a troubled Will is found dead.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Feb 08, 2024
Geordie is placed on desk duty as Elliot contrives to force him to resign, Larry struggles with a murder case and enlists help, and something is very wrong with Will.
8x6 Sæsonafslutning
Episode 6
Episode overview
Feb 15, 2024
Will ends up battered and bruised in the middle of nowhere and is taken in by a local copper - Geordie is called to collect him, but they must then unravel a case.

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