Goblin Slayer

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  • Premieret: Okt 2018
  • Episodes: 12
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Season 1 Discuss
The Fate of Particular Adventurers
Okt 07, 2018
A young Priestess joins a group of rookie adventurers who decide to raid a cave infested with goblins. Things quickly go awry when the inexperienced party is ambushed by goblins, .. show full overview
Goblin Slayer
Okt 14, 2018
The Goblin Slayer is a silver-ranked adventurer covered in armor from head to toe. The Goblin Slayer never accepted any quests from the Adventurers' Guild other than quests to slay .. show full overview
Unexpected Visitors
Okt 21, 2018
The High Elf Archer, Dwarf Shaman, and Lizardman Priest come to see Goblin Slayer. They tell him of a demon lord that's revived with the intent to destroy the world, and they ask for .. show full overview
The Strong
Okt 28, 2018
Goblin Slayer and his companions enter some ancient ruins that had been taken over by the demon lords' minions. Goblin Slayer works together with the High Elf Archer and the others to .. show full overview
Adventures and Daily Life
Nov 04, 2018
Goblin Slayer and the others return successful from their quest in the ruins. Goblin Slayer spends a few days sleeping at Cow Girl's home to recover and then heads to the guild. There, .. show full overview
Goblin Slayer in the Water Town
Nov 11, 2018
Goblin Slayer and his party receive a request to slay some goblins. The one who sent the request was the Sword Maiden, one of the heroes that defeated the Demon Lord. Goblin Slayer, .. show full overview
Onward Unto Death
Nov 18, 2018
Goblin Slayer and his party go into the sewers of Water Town to investigate some brutal incidents they think were caused by goblins. When they go down to the sewers, they are immediately .. show full overview
Whispers and Prayers and Chants
Nov 25, 2018
Goblin Slayer was gravely injured after the battle with the goblin champion. The Priestess and Sword Maiden work together to heal Goblin Slayer with a special ritual. Meanwhile, High Elf .. show full overview
There and Back Again
Dec 02, 2018
The party encounters a giant mirror in the sewers. The mirror, the mysterious creature they encountered, the horde of goblins, and the goblin champion that appeared... Goblin Slayer and .. show full overview
Dec 09, 2018
Goblin Slayer and his party head back to town. The news that the Hero had defeated the Demon Lord is spreading, putting everyone in a celebratory mood. However, Goblin Slayer doesn't .. show full overview
A Gathering of Adventurers
Dec 23, 2018
Goblin Slayer does his usual rounds around the farm and finds a bunch of goblin footprints, and realizes that they're planning to attack the farm that night. Goblin Slayer tries to .. show full overview
1x12 Serieafslutning
The Fate of an Adventurer
Dec 30, 2018
The battle against the Goblin Lord and his horde of goblins had begun, and High Elf Archer, Dwarf Shaman, Lizardman Priest, and the other members from the guild face them head-on. Meanwhile, Goblin Slayer goes to face the Goblin Lord alone...

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