Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

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  • Premieret: Jul 2005
  • Episodes: 64
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Season 1 Discuss
Fullmetal Alchemist
Apr 05, 2009
After escaping from Central Prison, the Freezing Alchemist, Isaac McDougal, sets his plan in motion to kill Führer King Bradley. However, under the command of Lt. Col. Roy Mustang, the military and State Alchemists attempt to stop him.
The First Day
Apr 12, 2009
On the way to Lior, Ed and Al reminisce about the events that lead to them being trapped in their current bodies by breaking the taboo of human transmutation. Meanwhile, Colonel Mustang looks back on the first time he met the Elric brothers.
City of Heresy
Apr 19, 2009
Ed and Al arrive at the city of Lior, hoping to find the legendary Philosopher's Stone so they can return their bodies back to normal. There, they meet a priest named Cornello, who is .. show full overview
An Alchemist's Anguish
Apr 26, 2009
Ed and Al become interested in biological transmutation after witnessing a chimera in Lior, so Colonel Mustang introduces them to an expert in the field, Shou Tucker, the Life-binding .. show full overview
Rain of Sorrows
Maj 03, 2009
After learning about what happened to Shou Tucker and his daughter Nina, the Elric brothers begin to question what alchemy really is. Meanwhile, Colonel Mustang and the other State Alchemists track down the serial killer Scar.
Road of Hope
Maj 10, 2009
After their encounter with Scar, Ed's automail and Al's armor need to be repaired, so Major Armstrong escorts them to their hometown of Risembool. On their way there, they spot Dr. .. show full overview
Hidden Truths
Maj 17, 2009
When Ed and Al arrive at the Central Library they discover that it has been burnt to the ground and instead are taken to see Sheska, a former employee who may have the information they .. show full overview
The Fifth Laboratory
Maj 24, 2009
Ed and Al sneak inside the Fifth Laboratory to search for more answers about the origins of the Philosopher's Stone. However, it is not long before they are each attacked by former death row murderers who now guard the complex.
Created Feelings
Maj 31, 2009
Ed is now in a hospital recovering from his wounds and Al is unable to let go of what Number 66 told him back at the Fifth Laboratory. Meanwhile, Winry agrees to make a trip to Central in order to repair Ed's automail... again!
Separate Destinations
Jun 07, 2009
Ed and Al head to Dublith in order to see their former teacher, and Winry decides to tag along so she can visit Rush Valley on the way. Meanwhile, Lt. Colonel Hughes discovers some .. show full overview
Miracle at Rush Valley
Jun 14, 2009
The Elric brothers along with Winry finally arrive in Rush Valley, where Ed is pick-pocketed and Winry must deliver a baby.
One is All, All is One
Jun 21, 2009
The Elric brothers arrive in Dublith, where they are reunited with their teacher, Izumi Curtis. This leads the brothers to reminisce about the first time they met Izumi, and all of the difficult training she put them through.
Beasts of Dublith
Jun 28, 2009
While trying to find clues on how to return to their original bodies, Al gets captured by a group of chimeras led by the homunculus Greed, forcing Ed to go to his rescue. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
Those Who Lurk Underground
Jul 05, 2009
The battle against Greed and his group continues, with the state military and Führer King Bradley himself now joining in. As Ed and Al begin to wonder about Bradley's true motive for .. show full overview
Envoy from the East
Jul 12, 2009
Scar and Yoki gain a new companion in the form of a young girl from Xing named Mei Chan, who displays her country's unique form of alchemy. Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye recruits an unlikely .. show full overview
Footsteps of a Comrade-in-Arms
Jul 19, 2009
Ed, Al and Winry arrive in Central to continue their research, and discover the truth about what happened to Lt. Colonel Hughes. Meanwhile, as Colonel Mustang continues to search for .. show full overview
Cold Flame
Jul 26, 2009
After being interrogated, Second Lieutenant Maria Ross is convicted for the murder of Brigadier General Hughes. Upon hearing about the news, Barry the Chopper sets out to break her out .. show full overview
The Arrogant Palm of a Small Human
Aug 02, 2009
Edward travels with Armstrong and Breda to an unexpected place, where he learns the truth of what happened to Maria Ross. Back in Central, Ling visits Alphonse and Winry to apprise them .. show full overview
Death of the Undying
Aug 09, 2009
Alphonse joins up with Mustang and his subordinates as they follow after Barry's original body. The chase leads them to the Third Laboratory, where Barry infiltrates, and they take the .. show full overview
Father Before the Grave
Aug 16, 2009
As Edward returns to Resembool, he surprisingly sees his father, Hohenheim, in front of his mother's grave. That night, Ed hears a startling conversation between his father and Pinako. .. show full overview
Advance of the Fool
Aug 30, 2009
Edward and Alphonse meet with Mustang at the hospital, where they look over the events that occurred in the Third Laboratory, and they realize that the Homunculi's hideout may signify .. show full overview
Backs in the Distance
Sep 06, 2009
While Ling tries to find a way to escape from Wrath, Edward and Alphonse battle against Scar. Winry hears about the brothers' predicament and manages to find her way to them, but she .. show full overview
Girl on the Battlefield
Sep 13, 2009
Ed leaves Winry in the custody of the military to catch up with Al. Meanwhile, as Bradley continues to chase after Ling and Lan Fan, Gluttony goes after Scar. As Ed rejoins Al in his .. show full overview
Inside the Belly
Sep 20, 2009
Dr Marco is in the custody of the homunculi, and has to cooperate in exchange for his village's safety. Meanwhile, Ed, Al and Roy try to escape from Gluttony, who has become able to .. show full overview
Doorway of Darkness
Sep 27, 2009
Ed and Lin find themselves in a dark place, realizing they're inside Gluttony's stomach, and try to find a way out. May is worried about Xiao Mei, explaining to Yoki about their .. show full overview
Okt 04, 2009
Ed and Lin face off against Envy, and Ed finds himself hesitating to attack due to all the people embedded into Envy's body and gets swallowed. Meanwhile, Scar and May find Shao May with .. show full overview
Interlude Party
Okt 11, 2009
During a festival from Resembool Hohenheim converses with a young Pinako, who asks him why he remains closed from all the villagers. In the same time, he faces a demon identical to him .. show full overview
Okt 18, 2009
Alphonse and Gluttony arrive at Father's lair, when Ed, Envy and Ling burst out of Gluttony's stomach. Alphonse, Edward and Lin then battle Father and the homunculi. Father then uses his .. show full overview
Struggle of the Fool
Okt 25, 2009
Envy leads Ed and Al, who has sneaked May in his armor, out of Father's hideout, which is actually under military HQ, to meet with Bradley. Ed threatens to quit the military, but Bradley .. show full overview
The Ishvalan War of Extermination
Nov 01, 2009
Years ago, Roy's desire to become a state alchemist is disapproved of by his teacher, Berthold Hawkeye, Riza's father. Before he died of an illness, he asks Roy to look after Riza, who .. show full overview
The 520 Cenz Promise
Nov 08, 2009
Ed passes on what Riza told him to Al, and the two contemplate about what to do after they complete their objectives, and as to why Scar and May's alchemy worked when their's was .. show full overview
The Führer's Son
Nov 15, 2009
As May heads off towards the North with one hooded person, Scar escapes with another to the West. General Grummon, disguised as a woman, meets up with Roy to discuss current matters. .. show full overview
The Northern Wall of Briggs
Nov 22, 2009
Still on Scar’s trail, Kimblee figures out that he headed north and follows him there. When Kimblee gets word that Scar and Marcoh are on a train, he boards it by having another train .. show full overview
Ice Queen
Nov 29, 2009
Upon entering the fortress, Ed and Al are taken to the medical room where Ed is treated for frostbite. One of the workers reveal that the northern automail used by Buccaneer is made of .. show full overview
The Shape of This Country
Dec 06, 2009
After Olivier comes up with a plan to stop Sloth, Buccaneer forcefully recruits the Elrics and Falman for the plan. With everything in place, Olivier and her trio of tanks ram Sloth into .. show full overview
Family Portrait
Dec 13, 2009
Hoenheim recalls when he left the Elric's house, lamenting that his body would outlast his family's. Meanwhile, soldiers investigating the tunnels under Briggs find themselves killed by .. show full overview
The First Homunculus
Dec 20, 2009
Winry fixes up Ed's automail before Kimblee talks with him, ordering his men to keep Al separated from him. Olivier sends a search party down the tunnels, who find a couple of survivors .. show full overview
Conflict at Baschool
Dec 27, 2009
Riza gets a call from Roy, but is unable to say anything in fear of being watched by Pride. In the town of Baschool, Ed and Al, along with Winry, lose the guards that were assigned to .. show full overview
Jan 10, 2010
When faced with the option of judging her parents' killer, Winry decides to heal Scar's wounds, knowing it would be something her parents would do. Miles explains to Scar that he joined .. show full overview
Homunculus (The Dwarf in the Flask)
Jan 17, 2010
Olivier goes to Central, where she admits to killing Raven and convinces Bradley to let her take his place. Riza uses a coded message to tell Roy that Selim is a homunculus. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
The Abyss
Jan 24, 2010
Miles and his men set off with the intent of killing Kimblee and his henchmen, something Ed objects to. As Scar's group exits the mine, they find Al, who warns them about Central .. show full overview
Signs of a Counteroffensive
Jan 31, 2010
As Marcoh and May try to decipher Scar's brother's notes, Al, who had been taken apart to make him easier to carry, regains consciousness. As they put him back together, May figures how .. show full overview
Bite of the Ant
Feb 07, 2010
Briggs is able to defeat the Drachman forces with ease, finally carving out the blood crest. Zampano brings Envy to Marcoh, where Marcoh reveals that it was their intention from the .. show full overview
Revving at Full Throttle
Feb 14, 2010
Al and Winry are welcomed by Rosé and the people of Liore. Meanwhile, Darius, one of the chimeras who helped Ed after he had been injured, goes to a bank and makes a withdrawal from Ed's .. show full overview
The Promised Day
Feb 21, 2010
Greed is initially overwhelmed in fighting Bradley, but he manages to survive and escape thanks to Lin's instincts. Meanwhile, Olivier requests that her father, leading to fight with .. show full overview
Looming Shadows
Feb 28, 2010
Some Briggs soldiers escort Winry back home, where she is surprised to find Ed and his group. He warns her to escape to another country, but declines, saying Ed should just make sure he .. show full overview
Emissary of Darkness
Mar 07, 2010
Ed and his group go to see Hohenheim, who tells them about the promised day. Ed also tells Hohenheim Trisha's last words to him. As Ed and his group leave, they run into Al, but after a .. show full overview
The Oath in the Tunnel
Mar 14, 2010
Lan Fan and Lin fight Gluttony, and Heinkel continues to fight Pride. Meanwhile, Roy visits Madam Christmas to confirm that Selim Bradley is in fact a homunculus. Pride manages to get .. show full overview
Filial Affection
Mar 21, 2010
Ed, Greed, and Lan Fan have a difficult time fighting Pride, who gained Gluttony's powers after devouring him. Working with Hohenheim, Al allows himself to be captured by Pride in order .. show full overview
Upheaval in Central
Mar 28, 2010
As Team Mustang and Mrs. Bradley gets cornered by Central soldiers, Team Charlie, Mustang's old Ishbal squadron, intervenes and saves them. Team Mustang continues their attack on Central .. show full overview
The Immortal Legion
Apr 04, 2010
The Mannequin Soldiers awaken and kill the general. As Ed's group arrive at the door where Al had fought against Lust, the mannequins emerges from the door and they turn out to be .. show full overview
Combined Strength
Apr 11, 2010
Al begins using the Philosopher's Stone to battle against Kimblee and Pride. He manages to trap Pride once again, but is taken by surprise by Kimblee when he starts using his own stone. .. show full overview
Flame of Vengeance
Apr 18, 2010
Mustang's team has Mrs. Bradley interviewed on live radio. With the power of radio and the help of the Ishbalans, word of a supposed coup d'état spreads, giving the rebels support from .. show full overview
Beyond the Inferno
Apr 25, 2010
Riza sees through Envy's disguise as Roy and shoots him until the real Roy arrives and mercilessly incinerates the homunculus, reverting him back to his parasitic form. Before Roy can .. show full overview
The Adults' Way of Life
Maj 02, 2010
The Armstrong siblings' and the Central forces' battle against Sloth rages on until Izumi appears and effortlessly pummels the homunculus, who is tossed and impaled on a spike by Alex .. show full overview
The Return of the Führer
Maj 09, 2010
Hohenheim, who had managed to converse with all the souls within his Philosopher's Stone, had infused the souls into Father's body to destroy it from the inside. However, Father shows .. show full overview
Eternal Leave
Maj 16, 2010
Greed, unable to hurt Bradley, is pinned down during their fight, which forces Fu to fight Bradley alone. Fu attempts to perform a suicide attack to kill Bradley using explosives .. show full overview
Maj 23, 2010
Lin and Bradley's fight leaves them hanging over the side of the front gate, but Lin is saved by Lan Fan while Bradley falls into the moat below. As Buccaneer lays dying, he gives his .. show full overview
Lost Light
Maj 30, 2010
Following Riza's eye signal, Roy refuses to perform a human transmutation. May arrives with Zampano, Jerso, and Darius and heals Riza's wound. However, Bradley and Pride also appear and .. show full overview
Eye of Heaven, Gateway of Earth
Jun 06, 2010
Ed and Al battle against Pride while May tries to take on Father. Meanwhile, Ishbalans make plans within the city. In his fight against Bradley, Scar reveals a reconstruction .. show full overview
He Who Would Swallow God
Jun 13, 2010
Everyone closest to the center of Father's nationwide transmutation circle, including Ed's group, survives to discover that Father has used the souls of over fifty million Amestrians to .. show full overview
A Fierce Counterattack
Jun 20, 2010
Hohenheim and the others stop Father from making Philosopher's stones, but as Ed rejoins them, Father spawns humans resembling the people of Xerxes before attacking with a powerful blast .. show full overview
The Other Side of the Gateway
Jun 27, 2010
While being effortlessly pummeled, Father desperately tries to absorb Greed's Philosopher's Stone. Greed decides to part from Lin's body, and uses his carbonization ability to turn .. show full overview
1x64 Serieafslutning
Journey's End
Jul 04, 2010
Deciding to help sort out Ishbalan policies, Roy is approached by Knox and Marcoh, who offer him a Philosopher's Stone to get his eyesight back, with Roy insisting it be used to fix .. show full overview

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