Descendants of the Sun

  • Score 9.5
  • Premieret: Feb 2016
  • Episodes: 16
  • Followers: 101
  • Rank #2437
  • Ended
  • KBS TV2
  • Onsdag at 9


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Season 1 Discuss
Will You Be My Doctor?
Feb 24, 2016
Si Jin and Dae Yeong catch a thief who is running away on a motorcycle. Si Jin and Mo Yeon meet for the first time in the hospital where the thief is admitted to.
We Bump into Each Other While Passing by
Feb 25, 2016
Si Jin and Mo Yeon go on a first date and something urgent happens to Si Jin. After Si Jin leaves her, Mo Yeon finds out that she did not get a professor position and feels devastated.
How Have You Been?
Mar 02, 2016
Si Jin and Mo Yeon go to the town together. Si Jin takes Mo Yeon to the island by a boat and they have a serious talk. While they are on a short trip, Si Jin tells the love story about Dae Yeong and Myeong Ju.
I Will Find a Way to Drink
Mar 03, 2016
Si Jin gets detained in the storage room for insubordination and Mo Yeon visits him. Meanwhile, on his way back to Korea, Dae Yeong runs into Myeong Ju who has just landed at the airport.
What Should I Do About the Kiss?
Mar 09, 2016
Si Jin spots gang members on the street and sends Mo Yeon away to the store. Si Jin is shocked when he discovers the identity of the boss in the gang. Meanwhile Mo Yeon borrows the car to return to the camp but gets into an accident.
I Shouldn’t Have Received His Apology
Mar 10, 2016
Mo Yeon finds out that Si Jin left the base overnight without saying goodbye and regrets what she said to him. Meanwhile Si Jin visits Dae Yeong at work and they go out for a drink. On .. show full overview
I Missed You
Mar 16, 2016
In the rescue field, just one small action could become a life and death situation. With everything collapsed in ruins, Si Jin and Mo Yeon face a crisis during a rescue operation. Meanwhile, Dae Young shows his true feelings to Myeong Ju.
Comfort the Deceased With a Silent Prayer
Mar 17, 2016
After continuously carrying out rescue operations, the rescue team saves a remaining survivor and Si Jin announces the end to the search of missing personnels at Mowuru Power Plant. .. show full overview
That Wasn't Me
Mar 23, 2016
When Mo Yeon hears her will being broadcast through the speaker, she hurriedly runs back to turn it off. However, after hearing Mo Yeon’s true feelings for him, Si Jin constantly tries .. show full overview
You Got A Parcel From Shin Ji Young
Mar 24, 2016
After saving Argus, Mo Yeon and Si Jin return with Fatima and the sick kids from Haunted Village. The doctors treat them and give them medication. However, Fatima goes missing along with .. show full overview
Who on Earth Stole It?
Mar 30, 2016
Due to the M3 virus, Dae Yeong and Myeong Ju become isolated. Also, Medicube turns into a designated facility to treat the troublesome virus. To fight the epidemic, both the doctors and .. show full overview
As of This Moment, Everyone Will Return to Team Alpha
Mar 31, 2016
As Si Jin disappears without stating his destination, Dae Yeong figures out that he must have left for a solo operation to save Mo Yeon. To back him up, Dae Yeong gathers soldiers and joins Si Jin on an unauthorised rescue mission.
You're Not My Director Any More
Apr 06, 2016
The medical team returns to Korea and starts living their daily lives again. However, all of them feel a little empty as they miss their lives back in Urk. Meanwhile, as soon as she .. show full overview
The Movie We Missed
Apr 07, 2016
Si Jin arrives at the hospital in a bloody mess, and efforts to resuscitate him seem to fail as his vital signs continue to wane. Meanwhile, with Ahn Jung Joon’s admittance, an .. show full overview
I Will Stay Alive
Apr 13, 2016
Si Jin and Mo Yeon continue to enjoy their sweet relationship together. Meanwhile, Dae Yeong and Myeong Ju keep having conflicts. One day, Team Alpha is suddenly sent out for a mission abroad for three months.
1x16 Serieafslutning
This Is Unbelievable
Apr 14, 2016
After a year of thinking that Si Jin and Dae Yeong were dead, Mo Yeon and Myeong Ju live in grief while trying to move on with their lives at the same time. However, both Si Jin and Dae .. show full overview

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