Beyond the Unknown

  • Premieret: Jan 2019
  • Afsnit: 69
  • Følgere: 7
  • Slut
  • Travel Channel
  • Onsdag på 22
  • Documentary History


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Sæsoner 5
Experiment Disaster, Hunt for Nazi Treasure and A Family Curse
Episode overview
Apr 19, 2022
Don Wildman examines a toxic experiment gone wrong, a search for a fabled train laden with Nazi gold and a string of suspicious deaths in a small town.
High Society Murder, Killer Glass and Accidental Genius
Episode overview
Apr 22, 2022
Don Wildman investigates a mysterious lord who purportedly committed murder, a real-life wicked stepmother's sordid scheme and a life-changing accident that revolutionized the entertainment world.
Royal Tragedy, Wildfire Escape and A Mysterious Sea Monster
Episode overview
Apr 26, 2022
Don Wildman examines a conspiracy theory that point to Buckingham Palace, a desperate race to escape a glacier inferno and a sea serpent that made a splash on the shores of Massachusetts.
Alien Symbols, Radioactive Teeth and Serial Killer Nurse
Episode overview
Maj 03, 2022
Don Wildman investigates possible proof of extraterrestrial visitors in the desert, a ghastly disorder linked to a radium plant and a deranged nurse who became one of history's most prolific serial killers.
Plane Crash Survivor, Lost City and Ocean Secrets
Episode overview
Maj 10, 2022
Don Wildman examines a teen girl's fight for survival after a deadly crash, an ancient metropolis carved into the side of a canyon and an elaborate coverup beneath the ocean's waves.
California UFO, Testing the Human Psyche and Casino Champions
Episode overview
Maj 17, 2022
Don Wildman investigates a strange sighting in the skies over Los Angeles, a science experiment that delved into the darkest realms of the human mind and a team of college students that beat the Las Vegas casinos.
Big Band Cover-Up, Falling From the Sky and Exposing a Cult
Episode overview
Maj 24, 2022
Don Wildman examines the mysterious disappearance of a musical legend, space junk that plummeted to the Earth and a secret society that plotted a dastardly scheme.

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