America's Test Kitchen

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  • Premieret: Aug 2001
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Season 1
Tomato Sauces for Pasta
Episode overview
Aug 04, 2001
America's Test Kitchen tackles tomato sauce. Recipes: Pasta and Fresh Tomato Sauce with Onion and Bacon, Pasta and Fresh Tomato Sauce with Garlic and Basil, Pasta and Fresh Tomato .. show full overview
The Perfect Roast Turkey
Episode overview
Aug 11, 2001
The secret to really crispy, browned skin and moist, flavorful meat Recipes: Roast Stuffed Crisped-Skin Turkey Tasting Lab: Turkeys -- What's in a Name? Equipment Center: Digitals Top Instant-Read Thermometer Ratings
Great Roast Chicken
Episode overview
Aug 18, 2001
Should you roast in a hot oven or a moderate oven? How do you get crisp skin and moist, tender breast meat? We answer these questions and more. Recipes: Easy Roast Chicken Tasting .. show full overview
Beef Stew
Episode overview
Aug 25, 2001
Why is stew often tough and flavorless? We explore how to buy the right cut of meat, how to sear it for flavor, and how to cook it until tender. Recipes: Hearty Beef Stew, .. show full overview
Perfect Pork
Episode overview
Sep 01, 2001
Do your pork roasts and chops come out dry and tasteless? Here's how to cook tender, juicy pork using some simple kitchen tricks. Recipes: Garlic Studded Roast Pork Loin, Country .. show full overview
How to Cook Salmon
Episode overview
Sep 08, 2001
The America's Test Kitchen team cooks salmon in a saute pan, on a grill, and under a broiler, and we find that it takes 10 minutes or fewer to cook it right. Recipes: Broiled Salmon .. show full overview
Stir Fry Made Easy
Episode overview
Sep 15, 2001
Throw out your wok! Stir-fries can be simple, quick, full of flavor, and, best of all, prepared without special equipment. Recipes: Stir Fry with Ginger Sauce, Stir Fry with Curry .. show full overview
Sunday Dinner
Episode overview
Sep 22, 2001
Everyday foods like meat loaf and garlic mashed potatoes are popular for a reason; they're easy to make and they can taste great. Recipes: Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Meat Loaf with Brown .. show full overview
Cooking Eggs
Episode overview
Sep 29, 2001
Want to fry, scramble, boil, or poach an egg? Cover eggs while frying, use high heat for scrambling, never add eggs to boiling water, and use a skillet, not a saucepan, for .. show full overview
Cookie Jar Favorites
Episode overview
Okt 06, 2001
Everyone loves cookies, but it's not easy to make cookies at home that taste and look as good as a bakery-made cookies. Recipes: Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Big, .. show full overview
The Perfect All-Purpose Cake
Episode overview
Okt 13, 2001
Learn how to make a simple-as-boxed-cake recipe that's virtually foolproof. Then frost and decorate the cake with ease. Recipes: Rich and Tender Yellow Layer Cake Equipment Center: Cake Pans Science Desk: Protein Content in Cake Flour
Holiday Pies
Episode overview
Okt 20, 2001
Make a foolproof pie crust that even a five-year-old could roll out. We also show you the secrets of pumpkin and pecan pies. Recipes: The Best Pie Dough, Perfect Pecan Pie, The Best Pumpkin Pie
1x13 Sæsonafslutning
Crisps, Cobblers, and Gratins
Episode overview
Okt 27, 2001
The test kitchen team focuses on marrying a lightly sweetened fruit base to different toppings. Recipes: Fruit Crisp, Fresh Berry Gratin, Blueberry Cobbler Tasting Lab: Chinese Cinnamon Tops Equipment Center: Food Processors (Full-Size)

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