The Phoenix and the Carpet (1997)

The Phoenix and the Carpet (1997)

Episode 5 (1x5)


Udgivelsesdato: Dec 14, 1997

As this episode begins the boys return to the tower and learn of the discovery of the gold coins. They decide to take them home with them and prepare to leave. Robert then notices that he left his jacket outside and goes to retrieve it. It is getting darker by the minute and Robert is confronted by several ghosts. The children make a wish for the carpet to take them back home but nothing happens. The Phoenix tells them that they only get 3 wishes from the carpet and they have used them all. As the episode closes the children huddle in fear as they hear the ghosts approaching and getting closer every second.

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  • Premieret: Nov 1997
  • Afsnit: 5
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  • BBC
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