The Unusuals

The Unusuals

E.I.D. (1x10)


Udgivelsesdato: Jun 17, 2009

Beaumont and Cole interview a couple after their apartment is broken into. When nothing turns up missing the couple discovers that an adult film they rented was filmed in their apartment. The film leads Delahoy and Banks to a series of bizarre adult films shot in several local apartments. Cole investigates a link between all of the tenants. In an effort to solve the case Beaumont and Cole go undercover and try attract the film maker for another movie. Shraeger finds herself emotionally invested when she takes a 10 year old case involving a violent attack.

  • Premieret: Apr 2009
  • Afsnit: 10
  • Følgere: 99
  • Slut
  • ABC (US)
  • Onsdag på 22