The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd

Aunt Irma Visits (1x6)


Udgivelsesdato: Mar 03, 2006

Jen explains to Roy and Moss that her "Aunt Irma" is visiting. When they don't understand, she explains that she has very powerful mood swings around a certain time every month, which leads to Roy and Moss displaying the same symptoms. Project Iccarus is finished and all of the teams assemble before Denholm as he thanks everyone even remotely associated with the project - except for the IT Crowd. To retaliate in being left out of the the "thank you's," the IT Crowd decide to sabotage the celebration party only to find themselves enjoying in the festivities and to the bizarre conclusion the morning after. Will everyone be able to work together again?

  • Premieret: Feb 2006
  • Afsnit: 24
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  • Channel 4
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