Mildred Pierce

Mildred Pierce

Part 5 (1x5)


Udgivelsesdato: Apr 10, 2011

1938-1940: Though her initial attempts to reconcile with Veda fail, Mildred does end up reconnecting with Monty, who is only too happy to have his newly affluent lover purchase his family estate in Pasadena. Meanwhile, Vedaʼs career as a coloratura soprano takes off under the tutelage of Carlo Treviso and a new manager. Although mother and daughter finally make up on the occasion of Mildredʼs wedding to Monty, all is not well. After a stream of financial indulgences, Mildred ends up in a bind when the Laguna restaurant slumps, and the disloyal Wally threatens legal action on behalf of her creditors. Urged by Bert to ask the successful Veda for a loan, Mildred returns home to a shocking revelation that will change her life forever.

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  • Premieret: Mar 2011
  • Episodes: 5
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