Witch's Court

  • Punktestand 10.0
  • Premiere: Okt 2017
  • Episoden: 16
  • Anhänger: 7
  • Rang #10721
  • Geendet
  • KBS TV2
  • Montag um 10


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Staffel 1
First Encounter
Episode overview
Okt 09, 2017
Ma Yi Deum is a competent prosecutor who gets her job done. One day, she witnesses her superior harassing a news reporter. In return for personnel appointment, Yi Deum gets offered a .. show full overview
The First Case
Episode overview
Okt 10, 2017
Yi Deum gets appointed to the most unwanted department of all, Crimes Against Girls Unit. There, she reunites with Jin Wook. Furthermore, the two become tenant and landlord which gives .. show full overview
The Second Case
Episode overview
Okt 16, 2017
Despite the win, Jin Wook criticizes Yi Deum about the way she was not considerate of her client. Ms. Min of CAGU also scolds her for the way she won. While working on another case .. show full overview
From Prosecutor to Victim
Episode overview
Okt 17, 2017
Yi Deum becomes shocked when she finds a hidden camera in her house. With every other piece of evidence damaged, the video of Yi Deum is the only thing they have left as evidence. Yi Deum wants to hide it while Jin Wook wants her to hand it over.
The Case of Yoon Ah Reum
Episode overview
Okt 23, 2017
When Yi Deum comes to work after the hidden camera case, she shows everyone that she is not intimidated. Jin Wook finds out that the girl he treated five years ago became involved in a .. show full overview
The Kiss
Episode overview
Okt 24, 2017
While rescuing the victim, Yi Deum takes a knife for Jin Wook. Gap Soo tries to use the hospitalized Yi Deum for his political agenda and gets in a conflict with Ji Sook. While taking care of Yi Deum, Jin Wook finds out what happened to her mother.
Kim Mi Jung
Episode overview
Okt 30, 2017
Yi Deum gets her hopes up thinking that her mother might be alive. However, her hopes become shattered once again. When Jin Wook sees how down Yi Deum is, he tries to cheer her up in his own ways.
The War Begins
Episode overview
Okt 31, 2017
Yi Deum finds out that Gap Soo's sexual torture incident is related to the missing of her mother. When Jin Wook senses that his mother is hiding the truth from him, he becomes anxious. Worried for Yi Deum, Jin Wook goes to her.
There Is Only One Killer
Episode overview
Nov 06, 2017
When Soo Ah is found dead, Yi Deum and Jin Wook become devastated. They bring in two suspects that each claims the other one to be the real perpetrator. Meanwhile, Jin Wook finds out the truth behind the missing Kwak Young Shil.
Ahn versus Baek
Episode overview
Nov 07, 2017
In order to save his brother, Sang Ho cuts a deal with Yi Deum. Through that, Yi Deum learns about the secrets behind her mother. She plans to take revenge on Gap Soo.
She Returns
Episode overview
Nov 13, 2017
While looking for ways to make money, Yi Deum runs into someone that needs legal advice. She decides to defend the accused of a quasi-rape case. When the case goes to court, she meets Jin Wook as the prosecutor.
20 Years of Nightmare
Episode overview
Nov 14, 2017
Gap Soo's spokesperson gets pinned down as the suspect for a sexual assault case from 20 years ago. Yi Deum gets herself involved in the case as an attorney. Together with Jin Wook, she works on the case.
The Kingdom
Episode overview
Nov 20, 2017
Yi Deum becomes aware of Kingdom. Unable to trust anyone, Min Ho refuses to tell Jin Wook about the video footage that can be a key evidence. Yi Deum comes up with a dangerous plan that might be able to expose Gap Soo.
He is The Culprit
Episode overview
Nov 21, 2017
Yi Deum and Jin Wook acquire a video clip that points Tae Kyoo as the true culprit. They come up with a plan to expose Kingdom and the dirty deeds that take place there. Meanwhile, Ms. .. show full overview
Mayor’s Fall
Episode overview
Nov 27, 2017
Gap Soo finds out that Yi Deum's mother is alive and gives orders to get rid of her. Together with Jin Wook and Ms. Min, Yi Deum forms a special investigation team to bring down Gap Soo along with Kingdom.
1x16 Serienfinale
The Final Trial
Episode overview
Nov 28, 2017
Young Shil learns about her forgotten past. Cornered, Gap Soo makes a dangerous proposal to Yi Deum. When Jin Wook becomes aware of this, he anticipates Gap Soo's next move.

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