What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

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  • Premiere: Jun 2018
  • Episoden: 16
  • Anhänger: 90
  • Rang #2793
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Staffel 1
I Want to Pick Up My Life Now
Episode overview
Jun 06, 2018
Young Joon has never been turned down by anyone for his entire life. However, Kim Mi So, his secretary, suddenly tells him that she will quit her job. He is suddenly confused by why she .. show full overview
She Just Doesn’t Want to Get Married
Episode overview
Jun 07, 2018
Mi So reveals Young Joon’s secret to Ji Ran to make her give him up. Young Joon does not really understand why Mi So wants to quit her job, so he proposes to Mi So to keep her on his .. show full overview
Go on a Date
Episode overview
Jun 13, 2018
Young Joon calls Mi So out to the amusement park and gives her retirement present. Mi So gets touched by Young Joon’s new attitude. Mi So, who only cared about her job, goes out on a .. show full overview
I Come Back to Forgive You
Episode overview
Jun 14, 2018
Young Joon gets infuriated with jealousy after Mi So went to the blind date. They visit Yumung Group’s art center to expedite the opening, but accidentally trapped in the library section .. show full overview
Ordinary Relationships
Episode overview
Jun 20, 2018
Love and an ordinary way of life are not in Vice Chairman Lee’s repertoire, but he makes a valiant effort to profess his feelings to Mi So, his personal secretary, who feels otherwise. .. show full overview
What’s Wrong with Vice Chairman Lee?
Episode overview
Jun 21, 2018
Mi So requests a leave for the first time in her nine years of service. But she does not know what to do and where to go because she never had a leave before. Meanwhile, Young Joon, who .. show full overview
Memories Should Stay Buried
Episode overview
Jun 27, 2018
Secretary Kim grows closer to Sung Yeon knowing he was the one she was with when she was kidnapped. They visit a similar area they were kidnapped hoping it will help them remember .. show full overview
I Like You Too
Episode overview
Jun 28, 2018
Young Joon invites her to his house for dinner. Although she has visited his house almost every day for the last eight years, Mi So feels totally different this time and gets very .. show full overview
Let’s Make it Official
Episode overview
Jul 04, 2018
Enough of the chit-chat and let the loving begin. Finally, the long-awaited official relationship between Mi So and Young Joon starts! Her faithful response to his genuine love sends him .. show full overview
It Was You All Along
Episode overview
Jul 05, 2018
Everything is pointing to Young Joon—that the boy Mi So is looking for is not Sung Yeon, but him. Mi So doesn’t really understand why the whole family of her boss is lying about his real .. show full overview
Why Hold Back the Truth?
Episode overview
Jul 11, 2018
Mi So suddenly faints as the memories of being kidnapped rushes back to her. As she lays unconscious on the hospital bed, the boy from 24 years ago who was by her side on that day, tells .. show full overview
I Don't Want to Waste Away Tonight
Episode overview
Jul 12, 2018
Young Joon can’t help himself but worries about Mi So because now she remembers what really happened when she was kidnapped. What if she starts to have nightmares from now on just like .. show full overview
Nothing Can Stop Us
Episode overview
Jul 18, 2018
Clumsy as it may be, there’s nothing stopping Young Joon’s and Mi So’s love. But sadly, when all the time they have is not enough, Young Joon needs to go away on a business trip. They .. show full overview
I Will Always Stay with You
Episode overview
Jul 19, 2018
Young Joon and Mi So are now facing obstacles to overcome which they have never imagined before—Young Joon’s “girl” friend and Mi So’s father. Rumors of Mi So spread across the company .. show full overview
Wedding Bells
Episode overview
Jul 25, 2018
In the midst of Young Joon’s nonchalant proposal, out pops up Mi So’s dad. He objects the marriage at first but soon realizes Young Joon’s sincere and genuine love for Mi So after .. show full overview
1x16 Serienfinale
What’s Wrong with You, Kim Mi So?
Episode overview
Jul 26, 2018
After the proposal, Young Joon and Mi So’s wedding preparations are on track. Young Joon wants to become a perfect husband as he promised, so he plans a perfect wedding for Mi So and .. show full overview

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