• Premiere: Mär 2012
  • Episoden: 4
  • Anhänger: 121
  • Geendet
  • ITV1
  • Sonntag um 21
  • Mini-series


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Staffel 1
First Class
Episode overview
Mär 21, 2012
The Earl of Manton and his family secure passage on the Titanic under a cloud of scandal surrounding his daughter, Georgiana. Meanwhile, there's tension between the English and American .. show full overview
The Second and Third Class
Episode overview
Mär 28, 2012
There is confusion amongst the crew when Captain Smith shuffles their duties and up in First Class, Grace is horrified by the mix of people during an Anglican service. When disaster .. show full overview
No Way Out
Episode overview
Apr 04, 2012
When Italian stoker Mario Sandrini blags himself a job on Titanic he is instantly smitten with cabin steward Annie Desmond. Watson loiters in steerage and Barnes is shocked to .. show full overview
1x4 Serienfinale
The Sinking
Episode overview
Apr 15, 2012
Follow the desperate plight of the passengers, in the gripping final instalment, as the Titanic sinks into the icy waters. Watson is accidentally locked in the Manton's cabin .. show full overview

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