The Other Two

  • Premiere: Jan 2019
  • Episoden: 30
  • Anhänger: 234
  • Geendet
  • Comedy Central
  • Donnerstag um 3
  • Comedy


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Staffel 3
Cary Watches People Watch His Movie
Episode overview
Mai 04, 2023
After three years of COVID delays, Cary’s movie Night Nurse finally premieres – but will he be able to watch his loved ones’ reactions in real time? Meanwhile, Brooke feels like the only person who hasn’t left the industry.
Brooke Drives an Armpit Across America
Episode overview
Mai 04, 2023
While Cary leverages his D-list celebrity status to help pay rent, Brooke scrambles to enjoy the perks of being a manager at a splashy Vogue party.
Cary Becomes Somewhat of a Name
Episode overview
Mai 11, 2023
Cary finds himself losing out on role after role while Brooke confronts a cruel reality.
Brooke Gets Her Hands Dirty
Episode overview
Mai 18, 2023
As Cary attempts to leave his mark on the set of “Emily Overruled,” Brooke discovers that her new persona isn’t easy to pull off.
Cary & Brooke Go to an Aids Play
Episode overview
Mai 25, 2023
As Cary tries to take control of his relationship by making in-roads with Lucas’s representation, Brooke is pulled back into her manager role when Chase falls for a “normal” girl.
Brooke, and We Are Not Joking, Goes to Space
Episode overview
Mai 31, 2023
Brooke and Pat set out to date someone on their level with mixed results while Cary is cast to voice a major studio’s first openly queer character.
Cary Gets His Ass Handed to Him
Episode overview
Jun 08, 2023
Brooke, Shuli, and Streeter strategize “new beginnings” for Chase and Pam. Pat’s lowkey birthday request proves anything but. Cary obsesses over the release of Curtis’s new series while trying to salvage his own.
Brooke Hosts a Night of Undeniable Good
Episode overview
Jun 15, 2023
After making Chase a bad boy backfires spectacularly, Brooke’s course-correct reminds her that doing good is really hard. Meanwhile, Cary attempts to “win” his reunion, and Pat heads to Ohio to reconnect with her former self.
Cary Pays Off His Student Loans
Episode overview
Jun 22, 2023
As Brooke goes to extreme lengths to prove Lance isn't as selfless as everyone thinks, Cary obsesses over finding an award-winning role.
3x10 Serienfinale
Brooke & Cary & Curtis & Lance
Episode overview
Jun 29, 2023
Pat seeks a method to approach challenging discussions with her children; Cary reaches a point of immense emotional strain; Brooke decides to embrace uncertainty by taking a daring leap.

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