The Liar and His Lover

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  • Premiere: Mär 2017
  • Episoden: 16
  • Anhänger: 13
  • Rang #7846
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Staffel 1
Don't Be Scared
Episode overview
Mär 20, 2017
Han Gyeol, otherwise known as K, is a genius producer who creates songs for Crude Play, the most popular band in the country. To Han Gyeol, everything from the smallest noise to a random .. show full overview
Why Did You Lie to Me?
Episode overview
Mär 21, 2017
So Rim and Han Gyeol cross paths once again. This time, So Rim decides to tell him what’s been on her mind ever since she met him. However, all Han Gyeol cares about is deleting the .. show full overview
Don't Doubt Your Voice
Episode overview
Mär 27, 2017
Han Gyeol listens to the song recorded by So Rim and is instantly attracted to her captivating voice, which makes him go on a search to find the owner of that voice. Meanwhile, Mr. Bong .. show full overview
I Want You to Sing My Song
Episode overview
Mär 28, 2017
So Rim officially becomes a trainee at Sole Music along with her two friends. Everyone who hears So Rim’s singing is eager to nurture her talent, including Chan Young and Jin Hyuk. .. show full overview
You're Pretty Too
Episode overview
Apr 03, 2017
So Rim tells Han Gyeol that she can’t sing his song due to the promise she made with Chan Young. Han Gyeol is frustrated as he doesn’t understand what she means. Meanwhile, Chan Young .. show full overview
Betrayal and Love
Episode overview
Apr 04, 2017
So Rim finds out the truth behind Han Gyeol’s song. She is devastated by the fact that he was thinking of someone else when he made the song. Han Gyeol is ever so worried that So Rim .. show full overview
Making a Debut
Episode overview
Apr 10, 2017
Han Gyeol asks So Rim to sing for him officially. They go on a date where they learn more about each other. Chan Young shows interest and gives advices to the new group that’s debuting. Meanwhile, a reporter gets suspicious of Crude Play’s genuity.
The Debut Song
Episode overview
Apr 11, 2017
Mush and Co get to finalize their debut song with either Han Gyeol or Chan Young’s. The tension rises as Han Gyeol and Chan Young compete for the debut song. Jin Hyuk suggests Han Gyeol .. show full overview
Is This the End?
Episode overview
Apr 17, 2017
Mush and Co is focus on their practice as the debut nears. Their plans after their debut gets expose by someone unidentified. Jin Hyuk tells So Rim to end the relationship with Han .. show full overview
After the Debut
Episode overview
Apr 18, 2017
So Rim and Han Gyeol finally go on a date, but their busy schedules doesn’t allow them to have a proper one. Mush and Co and Chan Young go on a trip to build a stronger unity. Crude Play .. show full overview
The Scandal
Episode overview
Apr 24, 2017
Chan Young finds out that Han Gyeol and So Rim are seeing each other. He is worried and jealous thinking that Han Gyeol will take So Rim away from him. Meanwhile, a photo of So Rim and .. show full overview
Where Do I Belong?
Episode overview
Apr 25, 2017
Mush and Co perform on the stage of “Music Sketchbook” with a new song. Chan Young is furious when he finds out that Mr. Choi made that decision by himself. Crude Play members try to comfort Chan Young, but he still feels out of place.
Never Ending Scandals
Episode overview
Mai 01, 2017
As Chan Young left the stage of “Music Sketchbook” without prior permission, a scandal breaks out. Mr. Choi has a difficult time persuading Ms. Yoo as scandal after scandal breaks out. Crude Play gets into trouble that seems to have no way out.
The Accident
Episode overview
Mai 02, 2017
In Ho gets in an accident and the live session of Crude Play gets canceled. Ms. Yoo wants to get rid of Sole Music as Crude Play seems to be struggling with their career. Meanwhile, Han .. show full overview
Press Conference
Episode overview
Mai 08, 2017
Only after Han Gyeol finds out that In Ho got himself into the accident on purpose not to ruin the team, Ms. Yoo demands Crude Play to hold a press conference to deny the rumor. However, .. show full overview
1x16 Serienfinale
Episode overview
Mai 09, 2017
Ms. Yoo gets furious as Crude Play ignores her offer and admits to fake playing. She fires Mr. Choi and tells them she’ll file a lawsuit, but Han Gyeol offers a deal to change her mind. .. show full overview

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