Strangers (2017)

  • Premiere: Sep 2017
  • Episoden: 17
  • Anhänger: 0
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  • Comedy Drama Romance


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Staffel 2
The Big (Gr)apple
Episode overview
Jun 24, 2018
Isobel and Cam have made the big move to New York City together, but quickly find their experiences couldn't be more different. When their apartment search gets tricky, Isobel has to get creative.
Open Mari(age)
Episode overview
Jul 01, 2018
Isobel finds herself homeless in NYC when reality comes crashing through the floorboards. With the help of her new work friend, Iso goes to stay with a boxer in Bed Stuy. She rolls with .. show full overview
Episode overview
Jul 08, 2018
Isobel lands her first writing job, navigates her new relationship with Mari, and oversteps when she stays with a family trying to reconcile with their son's homosexuality in Richmond Hill, Queens.
The Disappearance of Katia Romaine
Episode overview
Jul 15, 2018
Homeless yet again, Isobel lands in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn with a new host (Vlad) who creates Escape Rooms for a living. But when a double date goes horribly wrong, there’s no escaping .. show full overview
Big Little Chill
Episode overview
Jul 22, 2018
Isobel is thrilled to be invited to a special weekend upstate with Mari's friends. But she quickly learns that leaving the city doesn't mean avoiding Mari's past and present, and starts to wonder if their relationship even has a future.
Smash the Plate-triarchy
Episode overview
Jul 29, 2018
Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year converge when Isobel stays with a newly single mom in Tribeca. With Mari away, things heat up between Isobel and Milo, and Isobel gets a surprise visit .. show full overview
West Side Highway
Episode overview
Aug 05, 2018
Spring comes early and so does Mari, surprising Isobel just when she was ready to move on. There's music in the air on the Upper West Side, where Isobel's latest BnB host, a composer, inspires Isobel to consider the possibility of new beginnings.
First Skate
Episode overview
Aug 12, 2018
With her hosts away for the weekend, Isobel has a fabulous Red Hook loft all to herself - but not for long. When their college-student daughter stops by, she pulls Isobel into a day of .. show full overview
Spun and Done
Episode overview
Aug 19, 2018
Isobel turns 30 and celebrates with a wild last night of her 20s, but when carefree becomes careless, she endangers her relationship with Milo and her own sense of self. An all-nighter .. show full overview
The Impossibility of Forever?
Episode overview
Aug 26, 2018
Love, career, and a home of her own: Isobel's New York City dreams are finally coming true. But is it possible to have them all at once, or even in one place?

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