Outside Edge

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  • Premiere: Mär 1994
  • Episoden: 22
  • Anhänger: 0
  • Geendet
  • ITV1
  • Unbekannt
  • Comedy Drama


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Staffel 3
The New Pitch
Episode overview
Jan 02, 1996
Brent Park Cricket Club prepare for the opening ceremony of their new pitch and pavilion. Mim has arranged a big surprise for Rog. Unfortunately disaster strikes when the hiding place .. show full overview
The New Player
Episode overview
Jan 09, 1996
Roger gets a frosty reception when he introduces Clive, a new young member to the team. Kev and Mag present Rog and Mim with a motorised mower for the club, but when Mim whizzes past Clive on the vehicle the young lad finds himself smitten.
The First Match
Episode overview
Jan 16, 1996
Rog is busy organising the team's first match, while Mim is trying to cheer up Bob who has been thrown out by Ginnie. When Maggie's sister inadvertantly lets slip a secret, Kev and Mag are devastated by its implications for their relationship.
A Happy Event
Episode overview
Jan 23, 1996
Kev and Mag's fertility problems give rise to a painful discussion. When Rog and Mim arrive to discuss the forthcoming marriage blessing, relations become even more strained. Their .. show full overview
Episode overview
Jan 30, 1996
Roger insists on everyone following him in a car convoy to a new fixture in the country, but a lack of map reading skills results in comic chaos with a stubborn tractor driver.
Match Cancelled?
Episode overview
Feb 06, 1996
Mim tries to persuade Roger to cancel a match against Piggy Pearson's team because of a personal incident between Roger and Piggy's divorced sister some time before. Rog is initially .. show full overview
3x7 Serienfinale
The Blessing
Episode overview
Feb 13, 1996
Everyone has arrived at the church for Kev and Mag's wedding blessing except the couple themselves. The congregation become restless with the wait and Clive makes accusations against .. show full overview

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