• Premiere: Mär 2012
  • Episoden: 4
  • Anhänger: 10
  • Geendet
  • BBC One
  • Daily um 22
  • Drama


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Staffel 1
Mär 26, 2012
After Ted tells off a teenage girl for dropping litter outside his house, he starts to believe that the increasingly alarming events that surround the barbeque he is throwing to impress .. show full overview
Episode overview
Mär 27, 2012
It is the day of Danny's funeral, following his death at the hands of a rival gang. As a result of her suspension from school for bad behaviour, Rochelle risks her academically bright .. show full overview
Episode overview
Mär 28, 2012
This is the day that Carol intends to fulfil her secret ambition. However, it is also the day she discovers her eldest son Jake is back to his gang lifestyle and her 'Oxford hopeful' .. show full overview
1x4 Serienfinale
Episode overview
Mär 30, 2012
It is Alfie's 13th birthday and, if he passes his initiation test, he will get to join the Lakemead T'ugs, the people he most respects and the gang who rule the neighbourhood. However, .. show full overview

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