Marry Me (2014)

  • Premiere: Okt 2014
  • Episoden: 18
  • Anhänger: 664
  • Geendet
  • NBC
  • Dienstag um 21
  • Comedy Romance


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Staffel 1
Episode overview
Okt 14, 2014
After returning from a romantic two-week island vacation, Jake is all set to pop the question on bended knee, but before he can ask, Annie lets loose on Jake for his inability to commit. .. show full overview
Move Me
Episode overview
Okt 21, 2014
Jake moves into Annie’s apartment and she begins to feel the pinch of having to share her space with someone. She confesses her claustrophobia to her dads Kevin 1 and Kevin 2 but her .. show full overview
Scary Me
Episode overview
Okt 28, 2014
Annie and Jake plan a haunted house in their apartment for the kids in their building but their plans run afoul of a super-mom Julie. Dennah plans to make a big splash at an exclusive .. show full overview
Episode overview
Nov 04, 2014
As the gang gathers to celebrate Annie and Jake’s sixth anniversary of their first date, their plans are disrupted by an epic storm and everyone retreats to the basement for shelter. Gil .. show full overview
Thank Me
Episode overview
Nov 18, 2014
Annie decides she would like to host Thanksgiving dinner for the first time as a newly-engaged couple but Myrna, Jake’s mom, has always hosted. While Myrna appears to be supportive of .. show full overview
Bruges Me
Episode overview
Nov 25, 2014
After a meeting with Annie and their wedding officiant Dawn, Jake decides he should get to know Annie’s dads better. When Jake and Kevin 1 bond over their love of motorcycles, however, .. show full overview
Win Me
Episode overview
Dez 02, 2014
A relative can attend only one wedding--either Annie's or that of her two recently engaged fathers; Gil bonds with 6th graders over laser tag and basketball.
Stand by Me
Episode overview
Dez 09, 2014
Annie, Kay, and Dennah are able to convince Jake that Gil has become too reliant on him. Jake wants Gil to take charge of his own life but things end up changing the balance of the entire group.
Test Me
Episode overview
Jan 06, 2015
The gang prepares to attend a baby shower party together and Annie and Jake consider their own family planning.
Spoil Me
Episode overview
Jan 13, 2015
Civil war erupts when it appears that either Annie or Jake watched the season finale of their favorite program 'The Moors' without the other person - Police Officer Gary Bric performs a polygraph test to determine the true culprit.
Friend Me
Episode overview
Jan 27, 2015
Jake reunites with long lost friends while Gil ropes Dennah into his latest business venture.
F Me
Episode overview
Feb 03, 2015
After a rousing night out, Annie and Jake deface a sign at their building and find themselves embroiled in a hate-crime investigation in their building. Meanwhile, Gil, Dennah and Kay .. show full overview
Change Me
Episode overview
Feb 10, 2015
Jake asks Kay for help adjusting some of Annie's annoying habits, and in return he helps Kay plan a Valentine's Day celebration for her new girlfriend; Gil and Dennah fall for some firefighters and try to track them down.
Dead Me
Episode overview
Feb 17, 2015
Upset after Kay breaks up with her, Brianna takes out her frustrations by wiping out Jake's identity; Gil jumps on a job opportunity at Jake's company.
Date Me
Episode overview
Apr 23, 2015
Gil tries to salvage Jake's bachelor party when the arrangements go awry. Annie discovers Jake's mum has been flirting with a guy online so she tries to engineer a face-to-face meeting between them.
Mom Me
Episode overview
Apr 30, 2015
Gil is persuaded to do whatever it takes to win a wedding cake making contest. The unexpected return of Annie's biological mother Pam, the egg donor used by her two dads, creates family tension.
Wake Me
Episode overview
Mai 07, 2015
Annie hears that her ex-boyfriend Lee is in a coma and realises he will never find out she's engaged to somebody else. Kay sends heartfelt final messages to the gang when turbulence hits her flight.
1x18 Serienfinale
Surprise Me
Episode overview
Mai 14, 2015
Annie discovers that she was born in Canada and is not a US citizen. As her family and friends help her to revise for a citizenship test, Jake takes over responsibility for planning their wedding.

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