Welcome to Waikiki

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  • Premiere: Feb 2018
  • Episoden: 36
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Staffel 2
Stars Falling from the Sky
Episode overview
Mär 25, 2019
When Woo Shik, Jun Ki, and Ki Bong are under pressure to pay overdue rent within a short period of time, a meteor falls down to their guesthouse. The meteor damages the guesthouse, and .. show full overview
Small Lies Snowball into Big Ones
Episode overview
Mär 26, 2019
When Soo Yeon is staying with Woo Shik in the guesthouse, the landlady visits to see Woo Shik and introduce herself to Soo Yeon as Woo Shik’s girlfriend. Meanwhile, Jun Ki is faced with a very urgent and desperate moment when he shoots a file.
The World That They Live In
Episode overview
Apr 01, 2019
Soo Yeon starts to do a part-time job to earn money. While she is working, she gets mistaken for a brown bear. Meanwhile, the others try to come up with an idea of promoting the .. show full overview
Troublemaker Sister
Episode overview
Apr 02, 2019
Woo Shik’s troublemaker sister Yu Ri comes to visit and asks Woo Shik to let her stay with him. Woo Shik refuses to want to take her in, but Yu Ri finds out Woo Shik’s secret. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
Dreams Come True
Episode overview
Apr 08, 2019
Jun Ki meets a famous man in his dream. Ki Bong buys that dream from Jun Ki saying the dream will bring luck. And Ki Bong hears the news that a major league team’s coach will recruit a .. show full overview
Singing Lesson
Episode overview
Apr 09, 2019
Woo Shik starts to give singing lessons to Soo Yeon. Woo Shik thinks the lesson will bring a great opportunity to become closer to her, but things don’t go smoothly. Meanwhile, Ki Bong arranges a blind date for his senior baseball player and Yu Ri.
Pervert in the Guesthouse
Episode overview
Apr 15, 2019
Yu Ri goes out with Byung Chul again, and her feelings for him start to grow. However, this time Yu Ri finds out that he makes weird sounds when he sneezes and hiccups. On top of that, .. show full overview
Dear My Friends
Episode overview
Apr 16, 2019
Ki Bong is depressed after he had to quit playing baseball because of his injury. Yu Ri tries to cheer him up and suggests that Ki Bong should find something else he’s good at. .. show full overview
Getting a Job
Episode overview
Apr 22, 2019
Ki Bong writes a cover letter full of mistakes and receives advice from his friends. He successfully gets a job and tries all his might to secure it. Soo Yeon decides to take a class to .. show full overview
Securing Your Place
Episode overview
Apr 23, 2019
The kids show Jun Ki appears on becomes famous and every kid Jun Ki meets off-work starts to recognize him. As "Nice Man", Jun Ki is advised to watch his behavior at all times. To open .. show full overview
Goodbye, My Love
Episode overview
Apr 29, 2019
Ki Bong is about to get fired from his new job as he hasn’t sold a car in a week. He tries to persuade Jun Ki to buy a new car as Rebecca is not doing well. When things don’t go as .. show full overview
Do Whatever it Takes
Episode overview
Apr 30, 2019
Jun Ki meets a guy at a get-together of his college club members who he can’t quite remember. Strangely, this guy seems to know Jun Ki pretty well. Jun Ki tries so hard to find out his .. show full overview
All a Mistake
Episode overview
Mai 06, 2019
After the night they spent together, Yu Ri and Ki Bong try to see where their relationship is going. At first, they deny that they have feelings for each other and regard it as a .. show full overview
Where are We Headed to?
Episode overview
Mai 07, 2019
To figure out what to do next with their relationship, Yu Ri and Ki Bong decide to go on a date. However, it seems like nothing is going right. Meanwhile, to find out what’s dragging Jun .. show full overview
Why Do I Feel This Way?
Episode overview
Mai 13, 2019
To be more absorbed in the character he plays, Jun Ki starts living with his co-worker. The longer they stay together, the bigger their affection actually grows. On the day of his .. show full overview
2x16 Serienfinale
Goodbye, Waikiki
Episode overview
Mai 14, 2019
It is the final episode of Welcome to Waikiki 2. Will everyone eventually find out about Ki Bong and Yu Ri’s relationship? Will Soo Yeon finally come to realize that she likes Woo Shik .. show full overview

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