John Adams

  • Premiere: Mär 2008
  • Episoden: 7
  • Anhänger: 229
  • Geendet
  • HBO
  • Sonntag um 21
  • Drama History Mini-series


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Staffel 1
Join or Die
Episode overview
Mär 16, 2008
In an emotionally charged trial John Adams defends the British sentries involved in the Boston Massacre who contend they were provoked into firing on the assembled crowd. John's success .. show full overview
Episode overview
Mär 16, 2008
After viewing the dead and wounded on the battlefield of Concord, John Adams takes up the cause of Independence. Frustrated by the caution of delegates from colonies that do not share .. show full overview
Don't Tread on Me
Episode overview
Mär 23, 2008
Over the emotional objections of Abigail, John Adam and his son endure turbulent seas and an encounter with the British Navy to join Ben Franklin on a diplomatic mission to Paris. But .. show full overview
Episode overview
Mär 30, 2008
Following the surrender of the British, John secures a long sought loan from the Dutch and returns to Paris to oversee the peace treaty. John can no longer bear his absence from Abigail .. show full overview
Unite or Die
Episode overview
Apr 06, 2008
John Adams chaffs under the mantle of Vice President for its utter lack of authority and responsibility. Despite his abhorrence of the divisiveness of political parties John is drawn to .. show full overview
Unnecessary War
Episode overview
Apr 13, 2008
Following the peace treaty with England President Adams struggles to avoid war with France despite pressure from his Federalist cabinet and French provocation. John finds the price of .. show full overview
1x7 Serienfinale
Episode overview
Apr 20, 2008
In retirement John Adams laments the perils of a long life; loss of loved ones and growing irrelevance. But out of tragedy John rekindles his broken friendship with Thomas Jefferson and .. show full overview

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