• Premiere: Sep 1994
  • Episoden: 26
  • Anhänger: 20
  • Geendet
  • UPN
  • Unbekannt
  • Action Adventure Animation Science-fiction


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Staffel 2
The Beast Within
Episode overview
Sep 23, 1995
Tony fakes his death after several attempts on his life, which seemed connected to a larger plan involving the abduction of four industrialists by the Mandarin. Tony returns in a more .. show full overview
Fire and Rain
Episode overview
Sep 30, 1995
Jim nearly drowns in his War Machine armor, making it hard for him to put the armor back on. Iron Man, meanwhile, discovers the son of a former Stark employee is seeking revenge as Firebrand.
Cell of Iron
Episode overview
Okt 07, 1995
A.I.M. takes credit for a deadly terrorist attack, but Iron Man finds the source to be a powerful space station named the Star Well. A kind man, Arthur Dearborn, lives on the station, .. show full overview
Not Far From the Tree
Episode overview
Okt 14, 1995
An intercepted A.I.M. signal leads Tony to find his thought dead father, Walter Stark. While he deals with painful memories, Tony also discovers what really happened to his father and why S.H.I.E.L.D. was involved.
Beauty Knows No Pain
Episode overview
Okt 21, 1995
Julia and several employees are kidnapped in Cairo, Egypt, by Tony's former lover, Madame Masque. She has dedicated herself to finding the Golden Sepulcher of Isis to cure her disfigured .. show full overview
Iron Man, on the Inside
Episode overview
Nov 04, 1995
Hawkeye's spine is wounded in a battle with Ultimo. Iron Man shrinks down to molecular size to implant a chip that will save him. But no one knows is that a mysterious Hacker is in control of Ultimo and now H.O.M.E.R. too.
Distant Boundaries
Episode overview
Nov 11, 1995
An unmanned alien ship arrives on Earth with a message begging for Iron Man's help against Dark Aegis. Iron Man is determined to help, since it was he that left Dark Aegis adrift in .. show full overview
The Armor Wars (1)
Episode overview
Nov 18, 1995
Tony discovers the Crimson Dynamo's armor possessed secret Stark technology. Thinking others could be using his technology to hurt people, Tony goes after every known armored warrior, whether hero or villain.
The Armor Wars (2)
Episode overview
Nov 25, 1995
Iron Man's quest to disable all armored warriors continues, even going against War Machine. Justin Hammer, who leaked Stark's armor secrets, creates a massive armored warrior named .. show full overview
Hulk Buster
Episode overview
Feb 03, 1996
One of the Mandarin's missing rings creates a time rift and Julia gets sucked in. Iron Man manages to recover the ring with Bruce Banner's help, but before Julia can be saved, The Leader .. show full overview
Episode overview
Feb 10, 1996
Modok has found one of the missing rings, but the Mandarin soon reclaims it. While Iron Man uses H.O.M.E.R. to find where Modok is hiding, the Mandarin uses his rings to see what Iron Man has been doing in recent months.
Hands of the Mandarin (1)
Episode overview
Feb 17, 1996
The Mandarin has reclaimed all ten rings and plans to turn Earth back into a pre-technology society using an anti-technology field, with him in charge. He demonstrates the power of the .. show full overview
2x13 Serienfinale
Hands of the Mandarin (2)
Episode overview
Feb 24, 1996
The Mandarin has captured Iron Man and learns his true identity. The rest of Force Works arrive at the Mandarin's citadel in a rescue attempt, but are captured. The Mandarin is now ready .. show full overview

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