• Punktestand 8.0
  • Premiere: Mai 2017
  • Episoden: 16
  • Anhänger: 6
  • Rang #11575
  • Geendet
  • OCN
  • Samstag um 10


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Staffel 1
The Stem Cell
Episode overview
Jun 03, 2017
Deuk Cheon is a Chief Detective who earns day to day for her sick daughter, Soo Yeon. His wife passed away when she was pregnant with Soo Yeon. One day, Soo Yeon gets kidnapped by a .. show full overview
The Accomplice
Episode overview
Jun 04, 2017
Deuk Cheon remembers the face of the kidnapper who kidnapped his daughter, Soo Yeon. When he encounters two men that look exactly like the kidnapper, he gets confused. Sung Joon, who .. show full overview
The Dark Secret
Episode overview
Jun 10, 2017
Deuk Cheon and Sung Joon escape from the police and make their way to Busan. Sung Joon tries to find the homeless guy who gave him the ticket to Seoul. Meanwhile, Prosecutor Choi decides .. show full overview
The Murder Notice
Episode overview
Jun 11, 2017
Prosecutor Choi receives a murder notice that’s supposedly from Sung Joon. Deuk Cheon and Sung Joon learn that the next target is Choi Joo Shik. Meanwhile, Mi Rae tries looking for the .. show full overview
The List
Episode overview
Jun 17, 2017
Sung Joon and Deuk Cheon run into Prosecutor Choi in the dog fighting arena. Prosecutor Choi tries her best to catch Deuk Cheon, but Deuk Cheon finds a way out. Meanwhile, Mi Rae looks .. show full overview
The Other Clone
Episode overview
Jun 18, 2017
A dead body that looks exactly like Sung Joon and Sung Hoon gets discovered. All the organs were extracted from the dead body. The secret behind illegal cloning examination gets .. show full overview
The Organ Donors
Episode overview
Jun 24, 2017
Sung Joon recovers from his injuries and stays with Mi Rae and Ik Hong. Deuk Cheon meets up with Sung Hoon and decides to satisfy his demand in order to find his daughter. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
The Memories
Episode overview
Jun 25, 2017
Sung Joon slowly recovers his memories when he meets up with his old friend. Deuk Cheon succeeds in kidnapping Park Dong Seul and demands Sung Hoon to follow what he says. Meanwhile, Mi Rae figures out why Sung Hoon wants to kill Park Dong Seul.
The Bodies Switched
Episode overview
Jul 01, 2017
Deuk Cheon eventually meets up with Sung Hoon and tries to exchange Park Dong Seul with Soo Yeon. Sung Joon recovers his memories and tries to find Sung Hoon’s place. Meanwhile, Jo Hye figures out the case is bigger than just a kidnapping case.
The Rescue
Episode overview
Jul 02, 2017
Sung Joon acts as Sung Hoon and visits the hospital and meets up with Boss. Sung Joon tries to make a deal while Deuk Cheon rescues Soo Yeon. Meanwhile, Prosecutor Choi finds out that .. show full overview
The Revenge
Episode overview
Jul 08, 2017
Deuk Cheon finds out that Soo Yeon got kidnapped because of how he ignored young Sung Hoon’s cry for help 12 years ago. Deuk Cheon, Mi Rae, Ik Hong, Soo Yeon, and Sung Joon enjoy a day .. show full overview
The Vaccine
Episode overview
Jul 09, 2017
Deuk Cheon learns that the stem cell treatment caused cancer to spread all over Soo Yeon’s body. He must find the vaccine in order to save his daughter. Meanwhile, Chairman Park .. show full overview
The Undercover
Episode overview
Jul 15, 2017
Prosecutor Choi decides to go undercover investigating for Sanyoung Pharmaceutical Company and meets up with Chairman Park San Young herself. Sung Joon finally meets Doctor Han Yu Ra who .. show full overview
The Real Truth
Episode overview
Jul 16, 2017
Deuk Cheon finds out that Mi Rae is actually Ju Hee and she’s the daughter of Doctor Han Yu Ra. Mi Rae gets severely injured from the motorcycle accident and undergoes a surgery. .. show full overview
Must Save Her
Episode overview
Jul 22, 2017
Mi Rae is kidnapped by Chairman Park’s order. They test Mi Rae’s bone marrow to check the compatibility. Chairman Park is in much need of her bone marrow more than anything else to .. show full overview
1x16 Serienfinale
Final Episode
Episode overview
Jul 23, 2017
With Deuk Cheon’s help Sung Joon and Mi Rae escape the laboratory safely. Mi Rae agrees to proceed with the transplant of her bone marrow since Soo Yeon’s condition got worse. However, .. show full overview

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