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  • Premiere: Jan 2016
  • Episoden: 6
  • Anhänger: 258
  • Rang #1533
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  • Channel 4
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Staffel 1
Episode 1
Episode overview
Jan 11, 2016
The housemates throw a birthday party for Sam, but an unexpected guest arrives.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Jan 18, 2016
As Lulu settles into a new home and job, the knock-on effects quickly escalate for Kate as her housemate gets a little too close for comfort. Anthony attempts to have a mature .. show full overview
Episode 3
Episode overview
Jan 25, 2016
Anthony lays on a curry night for the house-mates that descends into chaos. Fred introduces his new boyfriend to the group, Lulu and Kate have a heart-to-heart and Melody reveals her relationship with Colin.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Feb 01, 2016
Anthony helps Lulu to register as a property guardian with the assistance of her eccentric Great Aunt, Gladys. Kate goes on an artistic voyage of self-discovery, while Sam and Will vie for Fred's attention.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Feb 08, 2016
Tensions mount after the housemates are served with an eviction notice. Sam and Lulu try to keep a secret, Fred has to decide where he is going to live and Melody and Colin's relationship takes an unexpected turn.
1x6 Serienfinale
Episode 6
Episode overview
Feb 15, 2016
Anthony and Lulu search for Kate, but does she want to be found? Kate and Fred drown their sorrows and get some advice from Jessica. Colin suffers an unfortunate incident and Sam's life begins to unravel.

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