• Punktestand 7.6
  • Premiere: Dez 2014
  • Episoden: 3
  • Anhänger: 1428
  • Rang #457
  • Geendet
  • Syfy
  • Montag um 9


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Staffel 1 Discuss
Chapter One
Dez 15, 2014
The passengers of a starship on a century-long voyage to populate a new world begin to question the true nature of their covert mission when 50 years into their journey, which began in 1963, a young woman turns up dead of suspicious circumstances.
Chapter Two
Dez 16, 2014
Aaron investigates an explosion on Ascension, while Captain Denninger covers up its true cause. Elsewhere, Viondra suspects there is a traitor within her ranks of stewardesses after .. show full overview
1x5 Serienfinale
Chapter Three
Dez 17, 2014
The Ascension passengers are in for many surprises when the selection of families eligible for birthing rights is announced; the Denningers work together to secure their power and upset .. show full overview

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