'Allo 'Allo!

  • Punktestand 8.6
  • Premiere: Dez 1982
  • Episoden: 86
  • Anhänger: 290
  • Rang #1406
  • Geendet
  • BBC One
  • Unbekannt


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Staffel 9
Gone with the Windmill
Episode overview
Nov 09, 1992
Colonel von Strohm and Lieutenant Gruber fail to escape to Spain. René suggests that they hide in a local windmill and pretend to have been kidnapped. General von Klinkerhoffen has .. show full overview
Missing and Presumed Dead
Episode overview
Nov 16, 1992
Alternative title: "A Tour de France" René is now a 'love slave' to the girls of the Communist Resistance. Meanwhile, it's assumed that he was killed when the windmill was blown up. .. show full overview
René Artois Is Still Dead
Episode overview
Nov 23, 1992
Michelle decides to smuggle René to England, since the Germans still think that he's dead. A parade through the town is being held in René's memory. René disguises himself as Officer .. show full overview
Tarts and Flickers
Episode overview
Nov 30, 1992
Michelle tries to send important microfilm to England via a homing pigeon, but fails. Instead, new plans call for the group to sail to England with the film on a motorized float under .. show full overview
A Fishy Sendoff
Episode overview
Dez 07, 1992
General von Klinkerhoffen takes Colonel von Strohm and Lieutenant Gruber out to play golf. While they are playing, they discuss the plot to kill Hitler. Herr Flick eavesdrops on part of .. show full overview
9x6 Serienfinale
A Winkle in Time
Episode overview
Dez 14, 1992
Allied troops are now approaching Nouvion. The two British airmen, who've been shot down again, arrive back at the café. Next day, the Allies finally arrive in the village. Colonel von .. show full overview

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