The Camomile Lawn

The Camomile Lawn

Part 5 (1x5)


Ausstrahlung: Jun 04, 1992

Sophy runs away from school, only to find that Helena and Polly have gone to Cornwall. Max hears that his son Pauli has died in Dachau - or has he? Hector is a POW. Richard dies. Calypso gives birth during an air raid, with Sophy as midwife. 1984. Sophy and Calypso meet in Cornwall for Max's funeral. Sophy hides from Pauli. Oliver arrives late for the funeral, in a rainstorm. At the wake, Calypso reveals that she grew to love Hector after all. Will Sophy and Oliver resolve their issues?

  • Premiere: Mär 1992
  • Episoden: 9
  • Anhänger: 0
  • Geendet
  • Channel 4
  • Donnerstag um 21