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Seth McFarlane and Will Ferrel Produced Comedies Kick off FOX New Fall Line Up

Published: May 16, 2017

FOX announced new series scheduled to debut during the FALL 2017 season. Judging by the theme of the two shows announced, there may be some scifi comedy block/night in the works.

The Orville

Starring Adrienne Palicki and Seth McFarlane. The very obvious Star Trek parody has it's funny moments and the same type of humor found in Family Guy is very apparent. The show is written and produced by Seth McFarlane. Joe Favreau is also a part of the project.


The second of Sci Fi Comedies to kick off Fox. Starring Craig Robinson and Adam Scott. This high profile cast is sure to turn heads, but can this live up to the hype? This is kind of a X-Files like show featuring a believer and a non-believer of paranormal activities.

LA To Vegas

This is a Will Ferrel produced comedy, the premise looks to feature an airline that flies only LA to Vegas. A comedy series set in the air after the recent events about air travel in the US? This could be a hit.

The Resident

This is a medical drama which features a senior resident doctor leading a young doctor through the good and bad within the hospital. Think of this as Training Day in the medical world. Starring Emily Van Camp.

The Gifted

This is the big new series from FOX this fall. The X-Men drama will focus on a brother and sister duo as they go through the paces of learning their powers. We won't be seeing the likes of Wolverine or Cyclops, but Blink will make her appearance on the small screen.

Which show are you most excited for? let us know in the comments below!